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The Didache Pt. II – Where Is the New Testament Church of the Living God; the Pillar and Ground of the Truth? April 25, 2010

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Christianity.
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As promised – for my second post here at Christ Conquers I’m going to go through the Didache from start-to-finish, drawing attention to certain things which the Roman ‘Catholics’ and the various Protestants ignore…

I feel I should make clear though that I’m not judging others as to their final place in the age to come…

Only God Almighty Himself knows the ultimate destination of people when it comes to whether or not those who call themselves Christians will go to Paradise in Heaven or Hell in Gehenna.

Having said that – I do feel it is acceptable; indeed – I feel it is the duty of a real Christian to reprove error when it is perceived and to endeavour to tell each other the truth in love.

“My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. And by this we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him.”
– I John 3:18-19

Outwardly, if one looks at world-wide ‘Christendom’ on a whole – there are three main totally distinct bodies of ‘believers’. In descending order from the greatest number of followers to the least, they are:

1. Roman Catholics (Whom I will call ‘papists’ – because they are followers of the pope more-so than than they are followers of the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. They believe that if you are not in communion with and in submission to the pope – then you are not in the Church.)

Roman Catholischism is the largest body of believers in so-called ‘Christendom’ today – numbering over 1 billion adherents…

2. Protestants (Who are believers in so-called ‘Church-less’ worship; Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide, etc. and who reject the ecclesiastical authority of the clergy in Apostolic succession and the true priestly ministry of the Sacraments.)

Protestantism is the second largest group  numbering over 800 million in total – split into over 33,000 ‘denominations’ (abominations) world-wide…

3. Eastern Orthodox (Who claim to be the one Church founded on earth by Jesus the Christ, and who have kept that faith delivered to the saints once and for all unchanged – with no inventions; no additions and no subtractions.)

Eastern Orthodoxy has only approximately 300 million members world-wide at this time. However, the numbers are growing – especially here in the West.

As the best kept secret in Christianity (indeed – the only true Christianity) becomes revealed here where Orthodoxy has been virtually unknown – entire congregations of Protestants searching for the historic faith (largely from Evangelical sects), but also some disillusioned papists are coming home to the one true Church.

So – I’ve shown that outwardly there are what appear to be THREE separate bodies of Christians, with three unique ‘versions’ of what they hold to be the truth.

But according to the Bible, and indeed all logic tells us that – there is ONLY ONE TRUTH!

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism;”
– Ephesians 4:4-5


If there is only ONE faith; ONE body – then that means two out of the three must be in error. So to start with – let’s examine the ancient Didache…

~~~ ~ † ~ ~~~

1:1 “There are two paths, one of life and one of death, and the difference is great between the two paths.”

Right away, in 1:1 – we see that there are only two paths… one of life and one of death. But we ALL live and die – so obviously we’re talking about life after death and the second death; eternal spiritual life with God in Heaven – or eternal spiritual death with the devil and his angels in Gehenna.

Basically the right and the wrong. So only ONE path is the right one for true Christians to follow. Vatican II however, declared that there are many paths to Heaven! According to them (and contrary to the Bible) even if you don’t believe in Christ – you can still get to Heaven!

The Bible (and the Didache) though are clear that there is ONE path. Not three… Not thirty-three thousand and three – ONE!

1:2 “Now the path of life is this — first, you shall love the God Who made you, your neighbour as yourself, and all things that you would not want to be done unto you, do not do them unto another.”

1:2 shows that two out of the three groupings are not doing unto others as they would have done unto them because there is only ONE truth – so two of the groups are lying about how to get to Heaven! Nobody wants to be lied to – especially regarding the most important topic known to man!

And already in 1:3, we see written that Christians on the ONE true path to life everlasting should:

“Fast on behalf of those that persecute you”…

Do the Roman papists fast? Do the Protestants fast?

2:5 “Your speech shall not be false or empty, but concerned with action.”

Again, in 2:5… If you are saying something that isn’t true; something that doesn’t lead to Salvation – then your speech is false AND empty. This is VERY important! To steer someone away from their Salvation is as if you murdered them – ETERNALLY!

3:5 “My child, be not a liar, for lying leads unto theft; be not covetous or conceited, for from all these things thefts arise.”

3:5 – Again with the lying – are you sure what you tell people is the truth?

3:6 “My child, be not a murmurer, since it leads unto blasphemy; be not self-willed or evil-minded, for from all these things blasphemies are produced;”

3:6 – To reject the authority of the Church Jesus Christ founded for the ‘Solas’ is the definition of self-willed. The pope is the most self-willed of all, because he places himself above the Church; above the Head of the Church, usurping the authority for himself.

3:9 “You shall not exalt yourself, neither shall you put boldness into your soul. Your soul shall not be joined unto the lofty, but you shall walk with the just and humble.”

Likewise 3:9… The pope has certainly exalted himself, and has a billion followers who have joined themselves to his loftiness.

4:13 “You shall not abandon the commandments of the Lord, but shall guard that which you have received, neither adding to them nor taking from them;”

4:13… As I intimated previously – the papist have ADDED to that which was received, while Protestants have TAKEN AWAY.

4:14 “You shall confess your transgressions in the Church, and shall not come unto prayer with an evil conscience. This is the path of life.”

… Who do the Protestants confess their sins to? And where does the authority of absolution come from – if not from the priesthood made valid through the Apostolic succession in the Apostolic faith?

6:1 “See that no one makes you turn from this path of doctrine, since he who does so teaches you apart from God.”

… By allowing yourself to be turned away from the Apostolic faith and the doctrine held for 2,000 years now – you allow yourself to be taught apart from God.

7:1 “But concerning baptism, baptize this way: having first recited all these precepts, baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in running water;”

… First – there is one baptism and it should be done in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

But there are Protestants who baptize in the name of the Son only… In Jesus’ name only.

Second – the text is clear; even the very meaning of the word ‘baptism’ is clear that it should be done by immersion into the water if at all possible… But the Roman papists insist on the ‘sprinkling’ of the water only, when the text is explicit in that pouring o the head should be only as a last resort!

7:4 “But before the baptism, let him who baptizes and him who is baptized fast beforehand, and any others who may be able. And you shall command him who is baptized to fast one or two days before.”

8:1 “But as for your fasts, let them not be with the hypocrites, for they fast on the second and fifth days of the week, but you shall fast on the fourth and sixth days.”

… Again with the fasting – to my knowledge neither R.C.s or Protestants do this.

9:1 “But concerning the Eucharist, after this fashion you shall give thanks.”

… Many Protestants do not care for the Eucharistic meal at all – and even if they do… is it valid?

I’ve heard of certain groups of Protestants that literally just eat crackers and drink grape juice – and think they are partaking of the Eucharist!

Both the Bible and the Didache make it clear that the Church is to partake of His body AND His blood. We are to eat His body AND to drink His blood weekly, giving thanks…

But the papists only partake of unleavened bread – with the laity not partaking of His blood in the wine!

HOW can they think this is OK? It’s pretty hard to drink a wafer!

11:2 “But if the teacher himself turns and teaches another doctrine with a view to subvert you, hearken not to him; but if he comes to add to your righteousness, and the knowledge of the Lord, receive him as the Lord.”

… This applies to both groups – Roman and Protestant, because they follow “another doctrine” in so many ways.

14:1 “But on the Lord’s day, after you have assembled together, break bread and give thanks, having in addition confessed your sins, that your sacrifice may be pure.”

… Speaks of meeting on Sundays – AKA the Lord’s Day, and of confessing sins and of partaking of the Eucharist (breaking bread). Many Sola Scriptura Protestants ignore all of this, believing that all they need is their Bibles.

15:2 “Do not, therefore, despise them, for they are those who are honoured among you, together with the prophets and teachers.”

… Commands Christians NOT to despise the teachers, Bishops and Deacons of the Church…

15:4 “But your prayers and your almsgivings and all your deeds you shall do, as you have been commanded in the Gospel of our Lord.”

… One of the main tenets of Protestantism is that of justification by faith ALONE – but here we see the admonition to practice “almsgiving” and the instruction of “all your deeds you shall do, as you have been commanded in the Gospel of our Lord.”

Deeds? What deeds? It’s not like people are going to be judged in the last day by their deeds or anything! Oh – wait a sec…

“But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgement of God, who **’will render to each one according to his DEEDS**'”
– Romans 2:5-6

There is only one place in the entire Bible where the words ‘faith’ and ‘alone’ are found together… And that is in the book of James:

“You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.”
– James 2:24

16:2 “But you shall be gathered together frequently, seeking what is suitable for your souls; for the whole time of your faith shall profit you not, unless you be found perfect in the last time.”

… This also pertains to those Christians that follow the mantra of “Just me and my Bible”, when it says “But you shall be gathered together frequently, seeking what is suitable for your souls;”…

~~~ ~ † ~ ~~~

The main point of this whole spiel is this:

Jesus said that He would build His Church on the confession that He is the Christ – and that the gates of Hades (Sheol) would never prevail against His Church.

That means that His Church has ALWAYS been here on earth – from 33 AD to the present day… and also that there was never a time that His Church was not present on earth in a tangible, visible way.

He also said that he would send the Holy Spirit (who proceeds from the Father) to lead His Church into ALL TRUTH…

That means that there is a VISIBLE Church that has the fullness of truth through the instruction of the Holy Spirit – which has ALWAYS had that truth.

Truth is constant and unchanging as God Himself is also.

So this immediately discounts ALL Protestant congregations – because their beginning in time was no earlier than the 16th century… and their beginning was founded by men – not by Christ and His Apostles.

And because the truth is constant and unchanging; the truth is the same now as it was in the first century AD. There is ONE faith – and the faith now is the same as it was then…

So because the faith in the Roman community has been added to and changed – they no longer possess the Apostolic faith which they were given by Sts. Peter and Paul. No Apostolic faith means that their otherwise valid Apostolic succession is made invalid.

After all even the Arians had valid Apostolic succession – but they were teaching heresy… so they had NOT held fast to that deposit of faith once and for all delivered. Rome falls under the same category – namely that of heretics; even going so far as to ADD to the very creed of Christianity as it was defined by the councils of the ONE Church – NEVER to be changed BY ANYONE, partially leading to the great schism of the year 1054.

Someday, I’d like to commission the printing of a new Orthodox Bible… one that contains the Didache (at least as an addendum), and also having the made-up English words ‘Jew’ & ‘Gentile’ removed and translated properly. Ah, dreams…




1. 正教会の智 - April 28, 2010

“crackers and grape juice”

Yes, I went to a Mennonite church once, years ago, and they passed around the crackers and kool aid.

I took it. Why not? After all, it was just a snack.

They said it didn’t matter, since it was just a ritual.

— “If it doesn’t matter, then why do it?”

— “Well … well .. uhh .. uhh”

I thought it was funny that we were all singing a hymn, and the “pastor” started shouting and made everyone start over again (he had to rewind the overhead projector with the lyrics) because we weren’t putting enough spirit into it.

All I remember from the lecture (sermon) was about how Catholics are all wrong.

Then I went to a Baptist church once. My girlfriend (at that time) was the deacon there. She didn’t know it was a Baptist Church. She said, “No, this is non-denominational. We don’t believe in all these divisions. We don’t believe in bishops and all that stuff.”

I showed her her church’s website, that linked to the “mother Church” in Chicago or somewhere, and the “pastors” bio: “ordained as a Baptist minister.” She still didn’t believe me, and said I was “disturbing her faith.”

They also had crackers and kool aid.

The sermon was all about how the pastor met a Muslim Arab, and the Muslim was very critical of Christianity, and the pastor told him, and the congregation, that “we have nothing against Muslims or Jews. It’s the Catholics who caused all the problems.

I used to discuss things a lot with Protestants I’d meet, but not anymore. It’s usually like talking to a brick.

I find them extremely arrogant. Extremely passive-aggressive; they’ll (metaphorically) spit on you while they’re telling you they don’t believe in divisions or theological arguments. It’s all, “my pastor said this, “my pastor said that.”

They always assume that anybody who disagrees with them must be just stupid, or uneducated. They say that they just believe in simple worship, and no hierarchies or dogma; then just about all they talk about is one dogma after another, based on something Calvin or Luther or Billy Graham or Pastor Bill or Pastor Bob said.

I’ve read the histories of most of these “churches”, and the writings of lots of Methodists, Christian Zionists, Luther, Calvin, Baptists, Evangelicals, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and on and on. But if you ever meet their followers, they tell you, “you should read this,” you should read that,” and then: “we just believe in the Bible; we only follow Jesus, not some man.”

Life’s too short for me to bother with them any more. I get depressed with how deluded they are.

I found the most annoying thing about them — and something I can’t count how many times I heard it — is their assertion that theirs is, “a Bible-believing Church, not like yours where you just believe what the priest tells you what to believe.”

Anyway, some bad memories coming back.

At least Roman Catholics understand (theoretically) what the Church is supposed to be (even if their understanding is flawed); that there is such a thing as The Church, and not just some Pastor Bob who read the Bible one day and says he had a vision; or some social worker who thinks Church is just some sort of charity.

At least with Catholics there can be some basis for discussion.

Lutherans and Anglicans also used to generally understand that there is The Church, but most of them these days seem to be just about as “well, you do your thing and we’ll do ours” as the Bill-and-Bob churches are.

But they all have some sort of wackiness going on at some level too.

I’m sure most of the Anglican Bishops are Slavemasons.


Roman Catholic wackiness:

2. 正教会の智 - April 28, 2010

Orthodox Christian Church: Romania: Fr Arsenie Papocioc 2005: False Ecumenism:

The Prodigal Son - April 29, 2010

‘My girlfriend (at that time) was the deacon(ess?) there. She didn’t know it was a Baptist Church. She said, “No, this is non-denominational. We don’t believe in all these divisions. We don’t believe in bishops and all that stuff.”’

You should have told her the FIRST Church there ever was – is the ONLY non-denominational Church in existence! All those that followed were the very innovators of denominationalism!

… And Bishops are clearly mentioned in the Bible – so how could anyone not ‘believe’ in Bishops?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Those are Roman Catholics?!?

What in God’s all good Name are they doing?!? Is that a Hallowe’en party IN THE CHURCH?

Imagine what the apostles would think if they walked in in the middle of THAT!

The Prodigal Son - April 29, 2010


3. 正教会の智 - April 29, 2010

Lex orandi, lex credendi

“The rule of prayer, the rule of belief;” or, “How we pray, expresses what we believe.

How about the Lounge and Loaf Coffee Mass, or the Looking Ridiculous in a Boat Mass?

A comment at YouTube on this following video is: “I could sacrifice a small baby in my girlfriend’s womb and call it beautiful and totally religious.”

That reminded me of Anglican/Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson’s claim that his “lover” penetrating his rectum was a sacrament, because it made him think about the nails going through Christ’s hands and feet.

I keep trying to get away from politics at my blog, and discuss more “pure” faith, but that is also a kind of delusion, that we can somehow withdraw from the world. I guess suicide would be the only way to really withdraw. And drugs wear off…

I use the general terms Masonic for all of this; even if the instigators and practitioners aren’t all literally Slavemasons — even if only a very, very few of the highly-placed instigators are actually lodge-members, all of this is the work of Masons, the expression of the Masonic mindset:

4. 正教会の智 - April 29, 2010

I don’t mean to especially “pick on” the RCs. It’s just that most people are already very familiar with Protestant foolishness/offensive, in America and Canada at least, via the legion of Pastor Bobs and Pastor Bills on the JSM, as tele-evangelists, “Christian” radio and talk-show hosts, MSM infotainment guests and “experts”, and Talmud-Vision and Hollywood caricatures.

They build them up, then they say, “Look, this [Creflo Dollar, Jimmy and Tammy Faye Bakker, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Billy and Franklin Graham…] is what a Christian looks and sounds like.” Then they tear them down.

The Prodigal Son - April 29, 2010

R.C.s NEED to be “picked on”! The blame for the state that so-called ‘Christendom’ finds itself in today is on them.

You say that, “most people are already very familiar with Protestant foolishness”…

I must admit – I never knew the difference. I looked at the crazy ‘Christians’ and I just thought that ALL Christians were crazy. I never wanted anything to do with any of them.

They were simply objects of ridicule for myself and everyone I knew.

Whatever differences there were between Catholicism and Protestantism… I never knew because I didn’t want to hear any of it!

Orthodoxy was completely unknown to me – and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the majority of so-called ‘secular’ society is just like I was…

They don’t know the difference – and they don’t care! We’re all a bunch of nuts who believe in a fairy tale as far as they’re concerned…

(And even many people who call themselves ‘Christians’ have never even heard of Orthodoxy… and those few that have – just equate us with the papists, and denigrate us accordingly.)

Since I discovered that Christ is THE truth… and almost everything else I thought I knew was a lie, ALL of my former ‘friends’ have abandoned me and I can guarantee that I am the object of ridicule now.

Like you said, “THEY build them up” on purpose in order to discredit ‘Christianity’… and it works FABULOUSLY!

And as I said – it all traces back to the so-called ‘reformation’, back to the beginning of the Protestant movement – all of which resulted from the nonsensical and heretical errors of Roman Catholischism.

Say something!

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