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Kosher? Does That Cost Extra? August 31, 2010

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I was in the kitchen the other day making myself some toast when I noticed what I knew to be a big ‘Jewish’ Kosher symbol (one of many variations) on my peanut butter.

So I then commenced to look at the other products in the cupboard… Here’s what I saw, from left to right continuing onto the top of the fridge on the parchment paper:

(Note – these photos were not staged… This is a literal snapshot of the foodstuffs in the kitchen of my home.)

*The only thing I’ve done here is to rotate the items if necessary so that the Kosher symbol was visible…

So… I checked the cereal cupboard. Here’s all of the cereal lined up on the counter. These photos have obviously been staged in that I took the boxes out of the cupboard and lined them up on the countertop in order to get the pics. I also grabbed the waffle cones which were in there. The iced tea mix was already on top of my counter… I just moved it into the frame.

I suppose it’s “anti-Semitic’ for me to notice this and wonder how much this costs non-‘Jewish’ consumers such as myself who could not care less if a ‘rabbi’ has ‘blessed’ my cereal (and in fact would rather if the ‘rabbis’ would just stay away from my food)!

Check your own cupboards and see…

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