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O Canada! First Ottawa, Then the World! January 21, 2011

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We Stand On Guard?


I’m writing this now because…  well let’s just say I’m putting my virtual foot down.

I’ve had enough. It’s gone too far now everyone.

This has to end.

We call ourselves ‘free’… but how free are we really? What does ‘free’ mean?

When the nations of Canada and the United States were founded… those Canadians (and Americans) were really free! We are not free in the same way that they were free.

‘Free’ back in those days meant free from taxes… and free from usury. We are not free. The banks extract usury and the government extracts taxes – ultimately to pay the usurers!

The main problem we face today in Canada (as it is in most places) is outside influence and control over the very creation of our monies. The power that should be in the hands of the government (and therefore the people of Canada themselves) has been usurped right under our noses.

That’s all there is to that – and I won’t go into any further here because others have already written extensively on that issue and the info is already out there. What we  must be primarily concerned with now – is taking that power back. If you are honestly unaware of the money situation we now face… I suggest you look into it. (I’ll toss a couple of vids in the comments.)

What IS That In There?

So the question becomes: How do we get that power back?

I’ve thought about that… a lot.

I am a Christian to my very heart… so violence is out of the question here. But at the same time, Christ did chase the money-changers out of the Temple… and God forbade usury.

Therefore the only answer can be to change things from a position at the very top of government. I don’t want to say that our country is ripe for another Hitler (because they’d only use it against me anyway)… but we certainly are overripe for someone to stand up and take this country and the creation of our money back!

Now I think we all know in our hearts (or at least I would hope we all know) that our entire electoral system has been compromised by the introduction and continued usage of electronic voting “machines”. The only possible way we can fix that is to abolish them and go back to physical paper ballots, and simplified voting rules. (No “hanging chads” or any other such malarkey.)

We also need someone in our midst to stand up, put a damned suit on – and go out and get themselves elected once we get the paper and the counting back. It’s time.

I would do it myself if it wasn’t for my past life. I wish it wasn’t so –but it is so, and so it is.

But I know someone is out there. We’ve learned their ‘democracy’ game well enough now to know that all you really need is an articulate, respectable and plausible frontman. Sadly,  many people just don’t even care about “Politics”…  but as ‘rockstar’ O’ Bomber showed the world… if you’re part of a true popular movement there is really no stopping it.

Our platform of course is simple: We are Anti-Zionist.

We can begin by using the example of the Zionist ‘Jewish State’ currently occupying Palestine. That’s easy. That kicks the door open. The next thing is the money that’s created out of thin air… and the taxes we’re forced to pay, ostensibly to pay that money back (which they don’t intend to do). All we as Canadians have to do is look at the glaring example of the United States to see that the money never gets paid back because it’s not supposed to.

Their plan for everyone is perpetual debt; endless slavery for us, and for all of our descendants to come.

That plan must fail.

I could go on and on… but for now – Who is our ‘politician’?

Where is he (or she?)??

Wherever they are… (perhaps I’m speaking to you right now) they need to stand up now. It’s time. If you’re reading this and you just thought of a good candidate for our openly Anti-Zionist, 100% PRO-CANADIAN platform – go get them now.

And tell them to put their suit on.

This nation (and indeed the whole world!) is ripe for this… Let’s do it now – before it’s too late. Canada has always (until very recently) been a well respected nation. Harper and his predecessors have shown that it was because of us – the people – that Canada has been loved… and not our government. We gotta get that back!

Silence is complicity as they say.

God keep our land – Glorious and Free!




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