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‘Protocols of Zion’ – 2005 “Documentary” About the Strange Rise of Antisemitism After 9/11 June 24, 2011

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According to IMDB:

‘Protocols of Zion’ is…

“A documentary about the rise of antisemitism in the USA after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Antisemitism increased after 9/11? Well, that is strange!

I wonder how in the world these things could be connected? If Arab Muslims perpetrated the attacks on 9/11… why is ‘antisemitism’ (defined by the Jews as an irrational and baseless hatred of Jews) increasing?

“A documentary” with ‘all-star’ appearances by:

  • Kofi Annan – United Nations (archive footage)
  • Father Coughlin – Roman Catholic (archive footage)
  • Eric Daniels – Prisoner
  • Mehdi Eliefifi – Interfaith Activist
  • Abraham Foxman – Anti-Defamation League
  • Mel Gibson – ‘Antisemite’ (archive footage)
  • Alan Levin – Director’s father and ‘Holocaust Survivor™’
  • Marc Levin – Director, Illusionist
  • ‘Pastor’ John MacArthur – Grace “Church”, one of the good (Noahide) “Christians”, shows us how wrong the real Christians have been for 2,000 years
  • Heidi Markenson – 9 / 11 Widow, husband was Jewish, you are to believe that this proves conclusively that “Jews did 9/11” is wrong
  • Mahathir Mohamad – Malaysia’s former Prime Minister (archive footage)
  • Daniel Pearl – Jewish journalist, supposedly beheaded by Muslims, Levin shows portions of the beheading video, again somehow supposedly proving conclusively that “Jews did 9/11” is wrong (archive footage)
  • George Lincoln Rockwell – Founder of the ‘American Nazi Party’ in 1959 (archive footage)
  • Shaun Walker – National Alliance, White Nationalist, seller of WWII era German National Socialist memorabilia.
  • Elie Wiesel – Weasel, liar, ‘Holocaust Survivor™’ (archive footage)

Anyway, the other day I was looking for something RE: 9/11 and I stumbled upon this gem. I’m sure most have seen this already… but it was new to me so I’m going to pick at it a bit. Levin did not do as good of a job “debunking” anything as he thinks (or wants us to think) he did.

Here’s the page I found it on (Needless to say ‘Missing Links’ is not found on this large list of 9/11 videos):


Anyone who can honestly take a good look look at the events of 9/11 and not come away with the conviction that it was the ‘Jewish state’, dual-citizen ‘Jewish’ traitors and a few of their paid Goyish stooge American politicians that did it… must be suspect – if not for outright deception then certainly for a lack of intelligence.

As for the above page… I am very doubtful that the purveyors of the site could have compiled all of those videos without stumbling upon the glaring evidence of ‘Jewish’ involvement in all of this. It’s possible I suppose (if one only listened to Alex Jones or his ilk) but not likely. This is in my opinion intellectual dishonesty at its finest. Why exclude direct evidence?

Anyway… Levin’s ‘documentary’ (an exceedingly lame attempt at damage control) begins with a Black man on the street in New York (who – for all we know Levin could have chucked a C-note) saying:

All of this stuff that happened here in America – THE JEWS! Here’s my point…

During the time of the World Trade Center (media coverage), you seen every funeral being covered for everybody, you not seeing one Jewish funeral covered on the media.

Because no Jews died in the World Trade Center!”

To this a (Jewish?) bystander replies:

So you mean to tell me every single Jew in the World Trade Center knew about (9/11 beforehand) and not one of them would have said anything?”

Another couple of Black men chime in:

We’re not saying that… We’re saying they didn’t go to work! That’s a fact!”

This pretty much sets the tone of this whole film. Levin sets up strawmen for his audience then proceeds to (attempt to) knock them down. Are these two Black men on the street in NY representative of the 9/11 truth movement? Or are they just a couple of dudes on the street inaccurately repeating something they heard; something based on truth?

Are they representative of real research – or was this clip chosen to open the ‘doc’ because they clearly do not represent what real evidence shows happened that day with regard to the ‘Jews’?

The answer is clear. These two and nearly everyone in this film have been hand-picked by Levin’s ‘documentary’ because they speak in error, that or their words have been removed from their context (such as the Malaysian PM) …

Anyhow, moving along the scene shifts to Levin (who narrates throughout) telling a story (which is absolutely 100% true I’m sure) about an encounter he had with (of course) an Arab, supposedly an Egyptian taxi driver…

It was hard to believe that here in New York City people were talking about this tragedy at Ground Zero, and repeating the same story over and over about the Jews and 9/11.

One night I was in a cab with a young Egyptian driver and he said the same thing, you know – ‘the Jews were warned, no Jews died…’

I said, ‘Wait a second. You seem like a bright young guy… You don’t believe this stuff do you?’

And he turned around and he said, ‘It’s all written… It’s all in a book that was written a hundred years ago:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ “

So you see what direction this is going… and your instincts are right. Levin spends a great portion of the film not talking about the reams of evidence pointing to a false flag perpetrated by the ‘Jewish state’ and Neo-CON traitors on 9/11… but talking instead about the Protocols; what a “forgery” they are, and of course ‘The Holocaust’™.

That he is largely avoiding the really important subject here is apparent… this is an exercise in misdirection and an attempt to garner a sympathetic reaction. The requisite Holocaust™ survivors show themselves early and often.

As I’ll show, he’s  actually failed miserably and shot himself in the foot a bit with the little effort he did put into debunking Jewish involvement in the horror of 9/11.

“Would I lie to you?”

Let’s start with the movie poster… The tag-line reads: “Did You Hear That No Jews Died on 9/11?”

This is nonsense… Other than the two Black dudes he found to spout off for his opener – who believes or promotes this idea when trying to talk to someone about 9/11?

No one.

However… this may have (likely) started with the rumor that no Israelis (citizens of the Jewish state) had died at the WTC on 9/11.

Levin (I’ll wager) knows that this is the real story that these fellows were talking about… but of course why would he correct them? Better just to give ’em rope and let them do the deed for the cameras.

In the end it turned out that even though there should have been (or were at first thought to have been) four thousand (4,000) Israelis at the WTC on 9/11… only 5 died that day – and two of those had purportedly been on the planes, not on the ground.

So that’s where that began… Not with absent American Jews but with seemingly absent Israeli Jews. The other 3,996 Israelis were all pretty lucky that day it seems.

Lucky just like ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein and his daughter (and son?) who were uncharacteristically absent that morning from the World Trade Towers also.

In the story about the Egyptian cabbie, Levin says the driver said that Jews were warned that day… but he never addresses that accusation! He just goes right to the tried and true Protocol denial. We are just expected to write all of this off because he wants us to? I don’t think so.

The cabbie (if there even really was one) was likely referring to warnings received by (at least) two employees of the Israeli instant messaging company called ‘Odigo’:

Haaretz: ‘Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of Attack’

Why didn’t Levin interview those two Jews that received the warnings? Or at least the Haaretz writer who reported it?

I think that should be obvious.

Why didn’t these two Israeli clowns tell anyone – oh, I don’t know, like the cops maybe?! Especially if they knew about it two hours before it happened? 3,000 lives (including some ‘Jewish’ lives) could potentially have been saved that day if they just would have told someone. Why didn’t they?



The thing about Odigo was they had a feature whereby users could send messages en masse to multiple recipients based on nationality… such as Israeli. This is akin to hitting ‘Send All’ but narrowed down further so that only Israeli contacts are selected.

The Odigo employees were Israeli and Odigo is an Israeli company which was apparently bought by Comverse (Infosys), another Israeli company with 9/11 connections.

The word Odigo probably comes from the Greek “οδηγώ” which means “I guide/lead/drive/steer”.

Then there’s these ↓ . Maybe this was what the Egyptian was talking about?

September 4, 2001: Israeli Company Moves Out of WTC

The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves their North American headquarters from the 16th floor of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia, one week before the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli government owns 49 percent of the company. [Virginian-Pilot, 9/4/2001]

Zim announced the move and its date six months earlier. [Virginian-Pilot, 4/3/2001]

More than 200 workers had just been moved out; about ten are still in the building making final moving arrangements on 9/11, but escape. [Jerusalem Post, 9/13/2001; Journal of Commerce, 10/18/2001]

The move leaves only one Israeli company, ClearForest, with 18 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. The four or five employees in the building at the time manage to escape. [Jerusalem Post, 9/13/2001]

FBI agent Michael Dick, who was investigating Israeli spying before and after 9/11 and looking into the suspicious move, was removed from his duties by the then head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, and Zionist Jew – Michael Chertoff.

But does the ostensibly bewildered Mr. Levin mention any of that?

You know the answer to that…

At this point, we’re still less than two minutes into the film!

Carrying on, Levin tells us how he had never experienced the dreaded antisemitism when he was a kid in America… and how his life changed at the age of 13 (ironically) when JFK was assassinated. From then on he tells us, he was completely “consumed” with trying to figure out what had really happened to the President of the United States that day.

And then he spends the rest of the film portraying those who are trying to find out what really happened on 9/11 as nutjobs and antisemites!

I wonder if Mr. Levin now knows (or at least suspects) that his own beloved kinfolk, the Jews were most likely ultimately responsible for John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s murder? Surely he must now know that JFK was pressuring the ‘Jewish state’ to allow inspections of their nuclear goings-on at Dimona, right? Surely he must know that JFK had started through Executive Order to print currency (Silverbacks) in direct competition with the Jewish controlled ‘Federal Reserve’ funny money?

Or maybe he was too busy looking at Penthouse (which he proudly admits was his other “obsession”) to get that far with his little JFK ‘conspiracy theory’ investigation…

Out on the street again, Levin now speaks with a gaggle of yarmulke wearing Jews… He asks them:

I want to know if anyone has ever heard of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion…”

All of them, with faces straight to varying degrees shake their heads. Out of at least a half-dozen or so American Jews… not one of them has even heard of the Protocols. Ha ha!

Does he really expect people to believe this? Their reaction is not even close to normal. I would say, “No I haven’t heard of them… What are they?” I would not just stand there, solemnly shaking my head.

And can someone please tell me – is this about 9/11 and Jews… or is this about the Protocols? I think IMDB missed the true intent of this mockumentary.

He’s making it about the Protocols. It’s a distraction and a bid for sympathy.

The Protocols – though interesting, really have nothing directly to do with the subject of Jewish involvement in 9/11. It’s all ‘HEY, LOOK OVER HERE!’… He even claims you can buy the Protocols at Wal-Mart… Somehow I doubt that but even if it were true – has it only been available after 9/11? If not – then it has nothing to do with the supposed increased ‘antisemitism’ (awareness) after 9/11 so why focus on it?


Levin says that the Protocols have “re-emerged” after 9/11. As if they ever went anywhere! Shaun Walker says in this very film that they have always been a good seller; a perennial favorite.

He goes on to say that when the Russian Czar, Passion Bearer (Saint?) Nicholas and his whole family were killed (by Jews who apparently had written Kaballistic symbols on the wall of the scene of the murders) following the Communist revolution, people somehow made a connection with the Protocols.

Did he just admit that Jews were indeed behind the Bolsheviks in Russia? I think he did. Everybody knows that anyhow, don’t they?

Either that or he’s saying that the Protocols were prophetic…

If you can manage to sit through this entire ‘documentary’… you’ll see he spends a lot of time talking about Muslims; what they believe; demonizing them. The whole thing is used as just another exercise in propaganda, filled with imagery of swastikas, dead bodies (necessarily Jewish of course) WWII era German guards/soldiers and wild-eyed, bloodthirsty Muslims.

There’s a clip where they show the (second) invasion of Iraq on TalmudVision, Levin’s all exited; talking about ‘Shock n Awe’ (Shekhinah – get it?)… I’m sure the timing of this shot from the film was just a coincidence:

“It’s Shekhinah Live!”

Levin carries on for quite a while speaking to everyday American Muslims in the streets, enticing them to say provocative things for the camera… Somehow he manages to find Palestinians almost everywhere he goes… Surely he wouldn’t select them for appearance in his ‘doc’ for that reason – would he?

Eventually he comes to the story about the now famous ‘Five Dancing Israelis’… and this is where he really shoots himself in the foot.

He actually goes and finds the woman who saw them on their van and called the police. He interviews the cop that arrested them. He also finds a man who worked with them at ‘Urban Moving Systems’. He even shows the clip of these clowns on Israeli TV saying they had been there to “document the event”!

He ends this little segment by admitting that this does raise questions… but warns us not to jump to conclusions, and leaves it at that. Amazing.

He doesn’t tell us that there were actually around two hundred (200 !!!) suspected Israeli spies arrested in America before, on and after 9/11.

He doesn’t tell us that the owner of the ‘moving company’ (Jew Dominic Suter) cleared out and fled to the Jewish state before he could be questioned.

He doesn’t even ask the obvious: how  could their purpose have been to “document the event” that no one knew was going to happen?

There is much, much more to the story than Levin lets on! Here’s an in depth look at the FBI report on the matter (portions of which have been heavily redacted and classified until 2030-2035).

Next he interviews a White Nationalist… Mr. Levin seems quite nervous around him. At one point he literally stumbles when this guy, Shaun Walker mentions ‘Mein Kampf’. He just looks generally uncomfortable talking to Mr. Walker, as if he’s had nightmares about skin-headed White folk like him before or something. Ha.

New Feet?

This brings us almost to the halfway point… This is getting old already!

Maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow…

Video to follow if anyone wants to watch it.

Also see: Where Theres’ Smoke There’s Fire – ADL Says: 911 Antisemitic Theories Alive and Well? Well, That IS Strange!

Waiting For the Tenth Man – How (Two Hundred and) Nine Jews Were ‘Miraculously’ Spared on 9/11



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1. celticfan1888 - July 3, 2011

Saying someone is an “Antisemite”, is just saying that you dont have the right to talk badly about Jewish policies. Jews can do no wrong… *gag*

I’m pretty sure the Zionist government used Al CIAda to destroy those towers…and who did the Zionists blame it on? Their worst enemies, the Arabs.

The Prodigal Son - July 4, 2011

Hey Celticfan,

Good to hear from you… Glad you stopped by.

The ‘Jewish state’; Mossad, and their Neo-CON stooges pulled off the attacks of 9/11.

People say, “9/11 Was an Inside Job!”… But this is true only in the sense that the enemies are inside the gate; the outsiders have become insiders.

I fear that 9/11 will become just like the USS Liberty… Many know what happened – but nothing gets done about it because people are scared to death of the power that the Jews wield. They now have “the terrible power of the purse” held over nearly all the world.

Many saw and remember what happened to Germany when they attempted to break free from the money-lenders…

If you turn on them, they will finance your enemies to see you destroyed… if you play along then you “have a place in the (Pharisaic) world to come” as they say – meaning that they will allow you to exist so long as it’s in servitude to them.

The ‘Jewish State’ Did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

‘9/11 – Missing Links’

Stranger Than Fiction… An Independant Investigation Into 9/11

How 9/11 Was Done

Complete 911 Timeline

2. Yuonne Gyaki - August 4, 2011

Simply wanna state that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

“One man with courage is a majority.” by Thomas Jefferson.

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