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Antisemitism Panel Wants “More Action” from Ottawa July 20, 2011

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Jews, Lies & Propaganda, New World Order.
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Where’s the third stooge?

By Meagan Fitzpatrick, CBC News

(Green text by The Prodigal Son)

The federal government needs to take more action to combat rising antisemitism in Canada and around the world, a report by a panel of MPs concludes.

The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat antisemitism released its final report Thursday in Ottawa after two years of investigation that included public hearings with more than 70 witnesses.

“Antisemitism is one of the oldest and most pervasive forms of hatred,” Mario Silva, chair of the committee, said at a news conference. The former Liberal MP, who was defeated in the May 2 election, said antisemitism is still present and even growing in some parts of Canada and a parliamentary committee was needed to identify measures to fight it.

The report adopted the European Union’s definition of antisemitism and urges the federal government and law enforcement agencies to do the same. It defines antisemitism as a certain perception of Jews that can be expressed as hatred toward them, in physical or rhetorical ways. Antisemitic acts can be directed at individuals, their property, or the Jewish community and religious facilities. It also says that expressions of hatred can target Israel (the Jewish state), because it is considered a Jewish collectivity.

“I know I look silly… but man this gig pays well!”

“Criticism of Israel (the Zionist entity occupying Palestine) is not antisemitic,” Silva said, but he added that denying its right to exist, or seeking its destruction, could be considered antisemitic acts.

The report said there are “traditional antisemitic acts” such as (fake) firebombings and (self-inflicted) vandalism of Jewish facilities but that there is a “new antisemitism” that is taking hold in Canada, and internationally. It focuses more on Israel’s (the Jewish state’s) role in the Middle East conflict with Palestinians, it said.

“In the most vile and clear expressions of the new antisemitism, Jewish support for Israel (the Zionist entity) and the notion of Israel (the Jewish state) as a criminal state is used to further traditional antisemitic themes. These manifestations use the discourse of politics but, in fact, constitute masked hatred.”

The all-party panel began public hearings in late 2009 that lasted several months and members also reviewed written submissions. Representatives from academia, police services, universities, and other stakeholders were among the witnesses.

If you care for Palestinians you must be a Jew-hater!

Antisemitism a concern on school campuses

Silva and the panel’s co-chair, Conservative MP Scott Reid, said they heard from a number of students who recalled (lied about) being harassed and fearing for their safety on campus. The report said antisemitism is a growing concern at some schools and a large part of the inquiry was devoted to that.

The emergence of “Israel Apartheid Week” several years ago has prompted conflicts and protests on campuses and some antisemitic incidents have been linked to those events, the report said.

It said organizers of the events are trying to demonize Israel (the Zionist scourge occupying Palestine) as the Jewish homeland and use campuses as their staging ground because the audiences are captive. The panel said it heard from supporters of the campaign but reject their arguments that criticism of the events are attempts to stifle their free speech.

The MPs said they respect the right to free expression but that the security of students must be protected.

The report did not recommend that universities try and shut down the events, but made a number of recommendations aimed at protecting the safety of students.

The report makes a number of other recommendations. Among them are calls for the federal government to adopt a clear definition of what antisemitism entails and to train police forces to better deal with antisemitic incidents and events on university campuses.

Reid said national standards are needed for police services so there is a common understanding of what constitutes an antisemitic crime and data can be better collected.

“We have limited ability to measure these things across the country. We need to make them comparable across the country and comparable to international incidents in this regard,” he said.

The report also suggests that Citizenship and Immigration Canada give special consideration to rising international antisemitism when making decisions about who is permitted to settle in Canada and from which countries they are coming.

The panel also recommends that education about human rights be made a bigger part of training programs offered to new Canadians.

‘Canada should help reform international human rights’

The inquiry panel took a shot at the United Nations in its report and is urging Canada to step up on the international stage to reform the body’s human rights council.

Reid said the panel wants the House of Commons’ foreign affairs committee to do a study on the UN’s “overemphasis of alleged human rights abuses by Israel (the Zionists in Palestine) while ignoring flagrant human rights abuses of other member states.”

“We recommend that the Government of Canada spearhead initiatives to reform the international human rights regime,” he said.

The committee didn’t hear from everyone who wanted to testify, selecting 74 witnesses from more than 150 applications.

Silva said some groups that wanted to appear before the committee were comprised of people who condemned the panel’s work from the outset.

“I didn’t really want to give a platform to individuals who had no time for us and so why should we have time for them?” said Silva.


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In the above article the word ‘antisemitic’ is used 7 times, while the word ‘antisemitism’ is used 12 times. Together they were referenced 19 times. They really need a thesaurus over there at CBC. But then they’d have to be too ridiculously obvious and say that this is ‘racism’.

As if anyone gives a shit about their race! We care what they are DOING; we care about their actions. If they would stop doing what they’re doing and smarten up so-called “antisemitism” would cease to exist instantly.

So far these clowns have spent over $600,000 of taxpayer money on this nonsense… that they’re admitting to. They’ve probably burned through more than that for no good reason. If they really want to “combat antisemitism” then they should convince the Jews to stop pulling false flag attacks such as the ‘Lavon Affair’, the attack on the USS Liberty and the fake terror attack on 9/11: killing non-Jews to further their anti-Christian agendas.

Personally, I’d be OK with them all being sent to Birobidjan. That would definitely clear up all of the “antisemitism” immediately and forever. But that wouldn’t do for them because they (like a parasite) can’t survive without a host to milk and bleed.




1. Mike - July 21, 2011

Blah… more putrid kow-towing… It’s really pitiful and disgusting!

The Prodigal Son - July 22, 2011

It’s really pitiful and disgusting!”

And typical.

It’s getting to be the same ol’ same ol’ up here…

Sad fact is: Most everyone can be bought. And for them, all they need to do is create the money out of thin air, so there’s virtually no amount they can’t conjure up. If everyone has their price then the only question becomes what that price is.

And for any stubborn holdouts they just give them a choice something like:

Listen, you can either take this 10 million and do what we say, and retire on your own island in the Bahamas – OR we can just kill you and replace you with someone who will do what we say. And when we’re done killing you maybe we’ll move on to the rest of your family starting with your children. Take your pick.”

For the vast majority of people (especially politicians) this would not be a tough decision at all.

It comes down to us versus all the money in the world, in a world where most will tell you that money makes the world go ’round.

Lord have mercy!

2. Mike - July 22, 2011

1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

3. The Prodigal Son - July 22, 2011

Canada Clamps Down on Criticism of Israel the ‘Jewish state’

Radical Press

Dear Radical Reader,

The world is still bewitched to a great degree by the mesmerizing effects of the vipers who control the mainstream media and, by default, the thoughts, ideas, impressions, images and political perspectives of the general public.

Those, such as the despicable, disgusting traitors and groveling sycophantic sell-outs to Jewish Israeli greed, power and racism pictured below, are exemplary models of the type of political “leader” that the Zionist behemoth surreptitiously fabricates and then sells to the stupefied electorate via their Big Brother media.

One of most vile of all of course is the two-faced, bigot, hypocrite and seditious Irwin Cotler former Liberal head honcho over the Supreme Court of Canada. He’s the head snake, slithering about the halls of parliament and wending his way into every nook and cranny and committee like some latter day Chaim Weizmann laying out the groundwork for this latest assault upon Canada and our rights as free, democratic citizens.


As has been the case for the past century and longer behind every head of state you will find a Zionist Jew (or two) who secretly guides and controls the actions of these so-called free democracies on behalf of their taskmasters in Tel Aviv, London and Washington, D.C. Precisely who is pulling Harper’s chain is unknown to me at this time but I have absolutely no doubt that both he and that fat faced fool of his, Kenney the Kromagnon, have sold their souls to the synagogue of Satan a long, long time ago. By their fruits shall ye know them as the Christian good book tells us and in the case of these two unabashed buffoons the thought that they might somehow be actual Canadian nationalists with at least a modicum of sovereignty in their souls is beyond comprehension. Like two rotten apples purposely placed in that basket of bungling bureaucracy known as Ottawa they are doing their damnedest to turn the whole carton of potentially pro-Israeli cretins into one rotten heap of corruption.

Kenny's Sideshow
Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism and Immigration

The CPCCA, also known as the Communist Party Committee to Crucify Anti-Zionists, is just one more Trojan Horse that the racist rats in Tel Aviv have trotted out of their stable and shipped off to every “democratic” nation throughout the west to continue their endless, fanatical pursuit of censorship in the name of unholy Zion.

As my own anti-Zionist Jewish mother-in-law (God bless her soul) use to say, “Enough already!” Enough of this endless stinking shit the Jew-controlled media calls “news” and “public opinion” and “parliamentary committees” and “anti-Semitism.” These wankers of pseudo-wisdom and “democracy” and “freedom” need to be exposed for what they really are: TRAITORS AND LIARS AND WAR CRIMINALS FOR THE RACIST, APARTHEID, SUPREMACIST, ZIONIST-JEW, FALSE STATE KNOWN AS ISRAEL.

Like all the other Zionist Jew crooks and criminals and frauds who are tumbling out of their darkened closets almost daily now these pitiful examples of the human species need to be exposed in as many venues and ways as possible.

One way would be to pass this post along to everyone you know.


Arthur Topham

Canada clamps down on Israel criticism.

July 22, 2011


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a staunch supporter of Israeli policy, has described criticism of Israeli as a form of ”new anti-Semitism“.

Nearly two years after the first hearings were held in Ottawa, the Canadian Parliamentary Committee to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) released a detailed report on July 7 that found that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Canada, especially on university campuses.

While the CPCCA’s final report does contain some cases of real anti-Semitism, the committee has provided little evidence that anti-Semitism has actually increased in Canada in recent years. Instead, it has focused a disproportionate amount of effort and resources on what it calls a so-called “new anti-Semitism”: criticism of Israel.

Indeed, the real purpose of the CPCCA committee seems to be to stifle critiques of Israeli policy and disrupt pro-Palestinian solidarity organizing in Canada, including, most notably, Israeli Apartheid Week events. Many of the CPCCA’s findings, therefore, must be rejected as both an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of protest, and as recklessly undermining the fight against real instances of anti-Semitism.

The CPCCA and its findings

The Canadian Parliamentary Committee to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) was born out of a conference held in London in February 2009 by the Inter-Parliamentary Committee for Combating Anti-Semitism. Formed in March 2009 and not directly linked to the Canadian government, or to any NGO or advocacy group, the CPCCA included 22 Canadian Parliament members from across party lines. Former Liberal MP Mario Silva chaired the Inquiry Panel and Conservative MP Scott Reid led the Steering Committee.

Between November 2009 and January 2010, the CPCCA held ten separate hearings during which time representatives of various non-governmental organizations, religious institutions, police departments and Canadian and Israeli universities presented papers meant to assess the level of anti-Semitism in Canada. While groups critical of Israel were denied the chance to address the committee, major Zionist organizations like B’nai Brith Canada, Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, and the Canadian Jewish Congress were welcomed.

“Much of today’s anti-Semitism manifests in anti-Israel agitation around boycotts, divestment and sanctions,” said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, during a hearing in November 2009. “It deploys an unfair double standard against the Jewish state, singling out of Israel alone for one-sided, harsh criticism and calls for punitive actions.”

Throughout the consultation process, the CPCCA regularly focused on Canadian university campuses, which were routinely described as hotbeds of anti-Semitism, where Jewish students or students with pro-Israel leanings are often intimidated and threatened. This accusation was made repeatedly, and included in the CPCCA’s final report, despite the fact that Dr. Fred Lowy, President Emeritus of Concordia University in Montreal, stated in his address to the CPCCA that, “by and large, Canadian campuses are safe and are not hotbeds of anti-Semitism of any kind”.

In its final report, the CPCCA made about two dozen recommendations on how best to fight anti-Semitism in Canada. While the report states that “criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is wrong”, it also found that “singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium … is discriminatory and hateful” and many of its recommendations deal with combating this “new anti-Semitism”.

A major recommendation issued by the CPCCA was that the Canadian government should promote the working definition of anti-Semitism used by The European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). This definition categorizes “applying double standards by requiring of [Israel] a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation” as anti-Semitic.

In other words, the CPCCA is supporting a definition whereby individuals who focus their attention on Israeli human rights violations, yet don’t level an equal amount of condemnation on other states for their human rights violations, can be labeled as anti-Semitic. This is obviously problematic since Palestine solidarity activists – like any other people – have commitments that make it impossible to engage with every issue they are otherwise interested in. They shouldn’t be labeled as anti-Semitic due to their inability to participate in every single human rights struggle happening around the world.

Another dangerous recommendation made by the CPCCA was that Canadian university administrators should condemn “discourse, events and speakers which are untrue, harmful, or not in the interest of academic discourse, including Israeli Apartheid Week”. Even the use of the word “apartheid” in relation to Israel is anti-Semitic, the CPCCA found, since it amounts to the “denial of the Jewish people their right to self- determination … by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor”.

This clearly violates freedom of speech and an open exchange of ideas at Canadian universities, and also unfairly and inaccurate labels Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) as anti-Semitic. In reality, IAW has since 2005 brought together respected activists, academics, journalists and cultural figures from around the world, including Judith Butler, Ronnie Kasrils, Noam Chomsky and Ali Abunimah, among others, to openly discuss ideas related to Israel/Palestine.

IAW provides an educational space for understanding Israel’s apartheid policies – as evidenced, for example, through the separate legal systems used by Israelis and Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank or the discriminatory land ownership laws operating inside Israel – and supports the growing campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), which aims to non-violently pressure Israel to respect international law. It is far from the “uniformly well-organized, aggressive [campaign] designed to make the Jewish state and its supporters pariahs” the CPCCA report makes it out to be.

The CPCCA also recommended that the Canadian Committee of Foreign Affairs undertake a study on the United Nations Human Rights Council, “particularly regarding its over-emphasis of alleged human rights abuses by Israel, while ignoring flagrant human rights abuses of other member states”.

This clearly demonstrates how the committee has confounded anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel, and is prepared to levy dubious suspicions against UN bodies and tarnish Canada’s international standing in the process.

In a statement released on July 8, Thomas Woodley, President of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), said that the CPCCA’s recommendations, “if implemented, will inhibit public discussion of Israel’s conduct”.

“CJPME believes that conclusions and recommendations generated by a process in which the same body – the CPCCA – is prosecutor, jury, and judge, are not credible. Although a few of the witnesses recounted incidents that were indeed indicative of genuine anti-Semitism, many were complaining about merely being exposed to criticism of the Israel’s conduct,” the CJPME press release stated.

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Canada also criticized the committee, stating that “the CPCCA’s goal is to criminalize criticism of Israel and Zionism, not to hold impartial hearings. Therefore, we oppose the CPCCA as an ideologically biased organization with an agenda that will harm free speech and human rights activity in Canada. We oppose the CPCCA’s Orwellian distortion of anti-Semitism. It is a danger to both Canadian liberties and to the genuine and necessary fight against anti-Semitism.”

Reflection of official Canadian policy

While labeling critics of Israeli policy as anti-Semitic is nothing new, the level at which this accusation is now being used in Canadian discourse must be seen as a reflection of the Canadian government’s official and current policy on the Middle East.

“When Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand. Demonization, double standards, de-legitimization, the three D’s, it is the responsibility of us all to stand up to them,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in 2010 at the Ottawa Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism, which was supported by the CPCCA. Harper added:

“Harnessing disparate anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Western ideologies, it targets the Jewish people by targeting the Jewish homeland, Israel, as the source of injustice and conflict in the world and uses, perversely, the language of human rights to do so. We must be relentless in exposing this new anti-Semitism for what it is.”
Under Harper, Canada has routinely defended Israeli intransigence and disregard for international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people under its control. In return, trade cooperation and military and security technologies ties have been strengthened between the two states.

In May of this year, it was reported that Harper was adamantly opposed to making any reference to the 1967 borders in a G8 summit statement calling for renewed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Far-right Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman thanked Harper for his position, and stated, “Canada is a true friend of Israel”.

In 2010, Canada announced it would discontinue its financial contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the organization that provides support and resources to approximately 4.7m registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories, and funnel the money into greater policing and security institutions run by the un-elected and corrupt Palestinian Authority leadership instead.

In January 2009, as the Israeli army continued its disproportionate attack on the besieged civilian population in Gaza that left 1,400 Palestinians dead in the span of three weeks, Canada was the only country out of 47 that voted against a motion at the United Nations Human Rights Council condemning the Israeli violence.
In addition to providing diplomatic cover for Israel, the Canadian government has attacked and cut funding to various non-governmental organizations working on issues related to Israel/Palestine, including Kairos Churches and Alternatives International.

Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, who led the formation of the Canadian Parliamentary Committee to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) and is an ex-officio member, has also repeatedly alleged that the Canadian Arab Federation promotes anti-Semitism and hatred. While Kenney never backed up these claims, the Canadian Arab Federation’s contracts with the government – which helped finance language programs for Toronto-area immigrants (the majority of whom are of Chinese origin) – were not renewed in 2009.

Undermining the fight against real anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism, like all other forms of racism, is appalling and must be strongly and unequivocally condemned.
But by defining legitimate criticism of Israeli policy and pro-Palestinian activism in Canada as anti-Semitic, the CPCCA is not only threatening free speech and freedom of protest, but it is undermining the fight against real cases of anti-Semitism and weakening the seriousness with which such cases should be dealt.

This is something that Canadians, and people everywhere, should be adamantly against.

From Radical Press

4. The Prodigal Son - July 23, 2011

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