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Where There’s Smoke – There’s Fire… ADL Says: 9/11 Antisemitic Theories ‘Alive and Well’? Well that IS strange! September 1, 2011

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(Text in green by The Prodigal Son)

Jewish group shows how conspiracy theories surrounding attacks have grown and evolved over past decade, including claim that Jews or Israel (the Jewish state) perpetrated attacks instead of al-Qaeda

Ten years after 9/11, antisemitic conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks are “alive and well” and fueled by an entrenched propaganda industry, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which issued a new report Wednesday showing how these theories have grown and evolved over the last decade.

(Guess what Abe… Facts based on reality are not “theories”! Rather, the notion that 19 Arabs perpetrated the attacks of 9/11 is a proper theory; one for which there is no evidence.

In actuality the ‘Arab hijackers’ were Mossad agents PRETENDING to be Arabs, using forged passports and stolen identities as is their well-known modus operandi.)

In “Decade of Deceit: Antisemitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later” –  ADL looks at the individuals who continue to circulate distorted conspiracy theories about 9/11, including the claim that the Jews or Israel (the Jewish state) perpetrated the attacks instead of al-Qaeda.

A new chorus of voices – who claim not to be anti-Jewish but simply anti-Zionist – have become the most popular promoters of these ideas, the Jewish group says.

 (“Most popular”? Popular with who? I for one certainly have not become more popular!)

“It is shocking that nearly a decade after 9/11 we are still confronted with those who continue to deny the historical record of 9/11 or who hold fast to antisemitic myths about that horrific day,” says ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman. “For 10 years, the historical record has been warped and manipulated by antisemites’ intent of creating their false version of history.

“One of the saddest outcomes of 9/11 is that despite the fact that this national tragedy that brought so Americans together, there remains this small group of vocal bigots who, nearly a decade later, are still seeking to promote and sell their own sinister agenda of blaming Jews and Israel (the Jewish state).”

The most prominent promoters of antsemitic conspiracy theories today are less often White supremacists and right-wing antisemites, ADL claims. Rather they more commonly are members of a group of anti-(Zionist) conspiracists who see the 9/11 attacks as one of a series of “false flag” operations that Israel (the Jewish state) has carried out to manufacture a war against its Muslim enemies.

According to the League’s analysis, while the prevalence of certain conspiracy theories has changed over the last decade, one constant has been the penchant to accuse Jews and Israel (the Jewish state) of planning and executing the 9/11 attacks.

(Gee Abe… I wonder why that is??)

‘5 dancing Israelis’

The conspiracy theories, which surfaced immediately after 9/11, have continued to circulate widely on the Internet, where conspiracy-mongers and antisemites have found a built-in audience for their ideas. These theories are promoted and shared on conspiracy-oriented web sites, social networking sites, and video sites. In addition, there is a flood of books and DVDs that proclaim that Jews and/or Israelis were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Certain conspiracy theories have increased in popularity over the past decade, according to ADL. The most prevalent antisemitic conspiracy theory that initially circulated following the attacks alleged that “4,000 Israelis” or Jews were forewarned and told to stay home from the World Trade Center on 9/11. While this theory has largely receded into the background, other major antisemitic conspiracy theories have come to the forefront.

(The ‘4,000 Israelis’ story likewise was not a theory but was based on a factual news article which had originated with the Jerusalem Post:

The Jerusalem Post (08:15 – Wed)

Thousands of Israelis missing near WTC, Pentagon

Wednesday September 12, 2001 The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack.

The list is made up of people who have not yet made contact with friends or family, Army Radio reported.

The total number of Israelis who actually did die on that fateful day is FIVE. Why doesn’t Abe explain how this is possible? Over FOUR HUNDRED FILIPINOS were killed at the WTC but only 5 Israelis?

That simply does not compute Abe!

Plus, we know that Israelis DID receive advanced warning of the attacks, and received those warnings through the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo.

HOW is that possible Abe?!? Please tell us…

And don’t even get me started about the ‘movers’ which were caught in vans with traces of explosives, or the other Israelis in a truck full of explosives or the other ones in a truck that exploded after they ran!)

According to ADL, the most popular conspiratorial allegations include the following:

  • Variations of this theory assert that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, was behind the 9/11 attacks; the “proof” is in the “five dancing Israelis” arrested on 9/11 who were allegedly celebrating as the Twin Towers burned. Today, the theory claims that the five Israelis were actually directing the attacks and began dancing when they realized that their mission of creating a “false flag” operation had been accomplished.

(I have never heard anyone say that the ‘Dancing Israelis’ were “directing” anything. But it is clear that they possessed foreknowledge! These clowns went on TalmudVision in the Jewish state and stated very clearly that their purpose had been to “document the event”.)

  • Proponents of this theory claim that neo-conservative American officials of Jewish faith (lineage) within the Bush Administration methodically worked out a plan, with the assistance of the Mossad, to carry out the attacks to benefit Israel. This theory alleges that these officials orchestrated a plan well before 9/11, with the goal of invading Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries to allow the US and Israel to seize control of resources in that area.”

(Again… NOT a theory! A cursory read of the Neo-CON PNAC and ‘Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political
Studies’ documents, especially ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ and ‘A Clean Break’ PROVES conclusively that they did indeed have such a plan. By their own admission, all they needed was “a new Pearl Harbor” type attack on America to begin the implementation of that plan… a plan we see coming to fruition before our eyes since 9/11.)

  • The “truth” about Israeli and Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attacks will not be allowed to emerge, claim conspiracy theorists, since Jews are or were in charge of the 9/11 Commission report and control the media and government.

(Notice that Abe has NOT refuted ANY of the above, instead choosing to treat the subject with derision and ridicule. Nice try Slick!

Abraham Foxman, here demonstrating the infamous 'Jew-Claw'

What’s that Abe? We can’t hear you with your foot in your mouth…)

~~~ ~ ~ ~~~

To view a similar dismantling of another weak attempt at refuting the Jewish involvement in 9/11, see ‘Protocols of Zion’ – 2005 “Documentary” About the Strange Rise of Antisemitism After 9/11




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