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Gordon Duff… A Jewish Disinformation Agent? September 4, 2011

Posted by The Prodigal Son in 9/11, Jews.
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A Jewish Agent? Mossad? Sayanim? Or Just Ignorant?

Gordon Duff (of the website Veterans Today) posted a video of himself on the Iranian Talmudvision news program Press TV where he speaks about 9/11… on THIS page.

In the video, he tries to convince the audience that it was in fact not a plane which crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. It was rather, he tells us breathlessly, a cruise missile of some kind (or something).

He references a video (supposedly “leaked”) which shows from above a small whitish object appearing to collide with the Pentagon. The explosion in this video doesn’t even begin to resemble the massive fireball which resulted from the plane crash that day. It has other serious problems as well…

Yeah... That Looks Real... Look! The Jew that made this video on his computer even left his cursor right in the middle of the video! Ha

  1. The ‘object’ comes in relevant to the Pentagon at the wrong angle.
  2. The object comes from entirely the wrong direction.
  3. The object hits the Pentagon in completely the wrong location.

Not to mention the fact that you can tell it’s just CGI and poorly done CGI at that.

Here’s the video though – if any of you want a laugh:

This in not the first time I’ve seen Duff (I have to assume) deliberately misleading his readership, and the readership of Veterans Today.

He lost all credibility (in my opinion) when he tried to convince us that Rupert Murdoch is actually an Israeli. Not a Jew… an Israeli. He makes this distinction and he tries to apply it to the ‘Jewish state’ rather than the ‘Jewish people.’

I made a comment on his Veterans Today page asking if Gordon Duff had just ‘Jumped the Shark’.

He did the exact same thing when he wrote about the so-called ‘American Al-Qaeda’ Adam Gadahn… whose real name is Adam Pearlman. Pearlman is the grandson of some Anti Defamation League (ADL) bigwig, and he spends his time pretending to be a scary Muslim (and this is something that Jews often do – meaning pretending to belong to one group or another in order to further their own agendas).

Duff put the ‘Fake Al-Qaeda Actors Exposed’ YouTube video up on his site… but only so he could seed the lie that Adam ‘Gadahn’ Pearlman is an “Israeli”. He does this, quite transparently to my eyes, in order to take blame off of the ‘Jews’ and put it onto ‘Israel’ the Jewish state.

Anyway, of course I had to leave a comment… and so I did. Here’s what I wrote:

Gordon Duff, you are a baldfaced liar.Why do you people listen to this guy? His job is to lead 9/11 truth into the gutter.

His purpose is to lead you into idiocy… and you’re following him!

Are these comments even real? I think they too are manufactured (just like Duff’s ‘inside information’)… Quite probably these are just a bunch of Cass Sunstein’s sockpuppets.

You and Cass and all your boys are doing a real number on us aren’t you Duff?

That was perhaps a little harsh, I know… but I’m so tired of this nonsense! And dollars to donuts says Duff knows better.

For those who don’t know who Cass Sunstein is, the following is a quote from Salon:

Cass Sunstein has long been one of Barack Obama’s closest confidants.  Often mentioned as a likely Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, Sunstein is currently Obama’s head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where, among other things, he is responsible for “overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs.”

In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-‘independent’ advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites — as well as other activist groups — which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government.

This would be designed to increase citizens’ faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of conspiracists.  The paper’s abstract can be read, and the full paper downloaded, here.

Sunstein advocates that the Government’s stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups.”

He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called “independent” credible voices to bolster the Government’s messaging (on the ground that those who don’t believe government sources will be more inclined to listen to those who appear independent while secretly acting on behalf of the Government).

This program would target those advocating false “conspiracy theories,” which they define to mean: “an attempt to explain an event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.”

Anyhow, Duff (or his moderator) published my comment, which surprised me a little, but I guess he probably wants to avoid too much blatant censorship because ultimately, it will destroy his credibility.

Mostly because people like myself will feel compelled to write little pieces like this one, informing others of Duff’s seemingly inexplicable actions.

So as I said, he published my comment but he did not reply. Others replied in his stead though:

  • penlope

    September 2, 2011 – 3:49 am

    That I read not the first time, many are against this writings of Gordon Duff.. The truthers are strict against it. How can you find the truth out? Maybe it is easy…maybe. I do not know.

  • Jim W. Dean

    September 2, 2011 – 6:51 am

    Wallace, I took this serious matter before the board, and here is what we would like to do. We need, of course, to waterboard Gordon to get to the bottom of these serious allegations. But in fairness to Gordon, we feel we need to waterboard you to….as proof of no bias on our part.

    So as to not drag the process out we can do both of you at the same time, video, post it on the site…where we think it would be a block buster and send our google ranking through the roof. You, of course, woud be reimbursed for meals and lodging, which is not very much when you are being waterboarded.

    But we will get to the bottom of this I can assure you.

  • SEPT 11 2001 TREASON

    September 2, 2011 – 7:48 am

    Cass Sunstein’s sockpuppets !!,
    summer intern with Cass Sunstein kind of not really fulfilling, eh ?

    yeah , Wallace you have convinced us all,mission accomplished ,
    maybe a guilty conscience Wallace ?
    Confess your sins and treason to the Scientology cult on Foxfalsestuffnewz

  • dirt

    September 2, 2011 – 1:06 pm

    Uh huh Wallace, and what is your position? Just what is your idea behind what transpired at the pentagon, or anywhere? Please enlighten us, seriously! I want to hear anything other than an attack on people actually working for answers, cmon son? Got anything. Nah? Thought as much…

Had to reply again if they’d let me, so I did, and it too passed moderation:

A solitary view of the video in question is enough to know that it it a manufactured fake; it’s CGI and low quality CGI at that.

The video also shows a still of a hole in the pentagon, trying to get you to believe that the hole is the entry hole made by the plane. This is sheer dishonesty because the image is of the EXIT hole in the back wall (likely made by one of the jet engines), NOT the entry hole.

The entry hole (being of course on the EXTERIOR wall of the Pentagon, and a cursory examination of the video will demonstrate that the image is NOT of the exterior wall) was approximately 100′ (one hundred feet) across. Why don’t these ‘No-Planers’ show you the photos of the ENTRY hole? Because they’re lying to you… and you all seem to be eating it up like candy!

I know you’re hungry for truth but I’m telling you you’ve got to dig deeper… Don’t expect to be spoonfed your information by Duff or anyone else. The truth is out there but you must LOOK for it.

Someone (Dirt) asked me what my position is; what I think happened at the Pentagon and elsewhere that day…

A short summary would be:

Four planes were hijacked electronically (remote control). There were no physical hijackers. No Arabs w/ boxcutters.

The ‘Arabs’ were Israeli Jews (davdovan; fake Arabs) parading themselves around, getting noticed; drawing attention to themselves, under assumed identities, using forged/stolen passports (as is their well known modus operandi) and leaving behind Korans and business cards meant to be found, IE: SEEDED ‘evidence’.

Two of those planes (real commercial passenger planes with real people on board) were flown into the Twin Towers, one was flown into the Pentagon… the last one either was crashed (purposely) or was shot down (against orders?) in Shanksville.

The Twin Towers and the Salomon Brothersbuilding (WTC #7) were brought down by controlled demolition using nano-thermite (and probably thermate and conventional explosives as well). I think there were likely truck-bombs in the basements of the Twins also. Israelis were caught in trucks full of explosives that day, also pretending to be Arabs.

The van that the ‘Dancing Israelis’ were arrested in tested positive for traces of explosives, and it seems there was also another truck (a cube van with a mural painted on the side of a plane diving into New York City) which actually exploded when the Israelis driving it jumped out and ran away when police pulled them over.

Stories about ‘cruise missiles’ hitting the Pentagon and imaginary ‘directed energy’ space-beams and ‘mini-nukes’ taking down the towers only serve to divert attention and blame AWAY from the Jews, the Israelis and their Goyishe stooges which actually perpetrated these horrors upon the world.

To see pictures of the 100′ hole in the OUTSIDE wall of the Pentagon, visit:



This time Gordon Duff did offer a short reply to me, then a longer indirect answer to someone else. To me he wrote:

I think the video was shot from a UAV.
circa 2001 quality.

Addressed to someone else, but still relevant to my comment:

Why would an aluminum airliner leave an exit hole when there is NO evidence of anything exiting from the exit hole?
You keep talking about an “exit hole”
What exited?
Any ideas?
Perhaps a hardened missile?
No plane parts were found as having “exited”
Then again, we have “entrance holes.
Find any wings?
Passenger bodies?
Coke cans?
Ceramic and titanium engine parts?

I tried to leave another reply to counter his latest… tried for a couple of days now but they refuse to post it.

So, I’ll do the only thing I can do and post it here:

First allow me to apologize for calling you a liar… For all I know you may be simply ignorant.

Did you look at the links in my last post? Did you look at the 100′ (one hundred foot) hole in the EXTERIOR of the Pentagon?

The hole you are looking at is in an INTERIOR wall. It is the exit hole made by… Oh, I don’t know – how about one of the jet engines Gordon?

As for plane parts… You must not have done very much 9/11 research at all if you couldn’t find any pictures of plane parts at the Pentagon! Here are a whole bunch, all nicely gathered on one page for you:

Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11


Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest… I am going to proceed to demonstrate visually that what Duff is saying is pure BS; disinformation.

And now that he’s actively censoring my attempts to set the record straight, I can say with confidence that he is not merely ignorant. He is doing this on purpose in order to deceive.

Since he’s Jewish himself (and because the Jews are behind 9/11) I must assume that he is tasked to run cover for them. As I’ve already intimated, perhaps he works for Cass Sunstein himself! His appearance at Veterans Today is certainly chronologically coincidental.

Evidence that a plane hit the Pentagon:

(For all images, click on them twice for full size…)

This is a photo of the EXIT hole, which people like the Jew liar Duff and the Jew liars of 'Loose Change' represent as the entry hole, so they can then say that it isn't big enough for a 757 to fit through... Notice the wheel rim behind the man.

The funny part is - there is plane debris (with its distinctive green color) right there in front of the hole!

Here's a shot after some cleanup has been done... You can see that it's a straight shot through from the E-ring to the C-ring... I wonder why it's labeled 'PunchOUT'?

Here, from above is the directional path of the plane and the true location of the exit hole (which folks like Duff misrepresent as the entry hole...)

A floor plan view of the path of damage, visually demonstrating the 100' ENTRY hole in the E-ring at the top of the image and the 20' EXIT hole through the C-ring into AE drive at the bottom.

What's that? A piece of plane on the lawn?

Could it be?

It is.

A piece of an engine inside of the Pentagon... A jumbo jet engine.

... And another

Hydraulics... Likely a section of landing gear

A wheel rim, just like those found on a Boeing 757

As can be seen in this photo

It's part of a cruise missile, I tells ya!

I wonder what all that debris on the ground outside of the Pentagon is? It couldn't be a plane, could it?

So who is it out there in internetland that tries to say that the little hole punched through the back wall of the C-ring in the first four pictures above is the entry hole?

  • Thierry Meyssan:
    ‘impact hole was 15-17 feet wide.’
  • In Plane Site :
    “… the only hole is approximately 16 feet in diameter.”
  • Loose Change, 2nd Edition :
    “The only damage to the outer wall is a single hole, no more than sixteen feet in diameter.”
  • James Fetzer (ScholarsFor911Truth.org):
    “The initial point of impact … was only about 10′ high and 16-17′ wide, about the size of the double-doors on a mansion.”

James Fetzer we’ve heard of before here… I think we can safely say that they are doing this on purpose. And guess who’s now become a big promoter and fan of James Fetzer’s?

That’s right… Gordon Duff.

So… does this look like a < 20′ hole to you? (Click images to see full-size)

(Click on image for a full-size animation) The small picture is the one the 'No-Planers' show you... The big picture in the background is how large the hole ACTUALLY was.

I wonder why they chose the one where the spray-foam is completely covering the hole?

Nice try there Duff… You and Fetzer and the rest of the liars can try all you like. The truth will out.

EDIT: Someone found the source video from which this fake was made… The example on the left is the original footage (no ‘missile’) while the example on the right is the video that the Jewish disinformationist Gordon ‘Fonzi’ Duff is now promoting:

~~~ ~ ~ ~~~





1. The Prodigal Son - September 4, 2011

Eyewitness testimony and video footage of the HUGE, gaping hole in the exterior wall of the E-ring of the Pentagon:

2. The Prodigal Son - September 5, 2011

Here are the fake Al-Qaeda Jews.

Not “Israelis”… but lying, subversive American Jews – just like Gordon Duff.

3. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

Just off the top of my head, non-comprehensive:


Gordon Duff
John Kaminski
Joe Cortina
Mark Glenn
Ryan Dawson
Alan Hart
Kevin Barrett
Alex Jones
Mark Dankhof
Webster Tarpley
Noam Chomsky
Barb/”Noor” (Snippets & Slappets)
Dublin Mick
Land Destroyer
Twelfth Bough
Victor Thorne
Steve Sailor
Christopher Bollyn
Adam Kokesh
Red Pill
Laura Knight(-Jadczyk)
Jennifer Lake
Ken O’Keefe
David Icke
IAmThe Witness
Daryl Bradford Smith
Muhammad Rafeeq
Adrian Salbuchi
David Pidcock
Joseph Dana
Charlie Veitch
Arthur Kemp
Nick Griffin
Info Wars
Prison Planet
Jim Corr
William Engdahl
The Truther Girls
Alan Watt
The Corbett Report
Mahdi Nazemoraya
The French Connection
Lizzie Phelan
Smoking Mirrors
Winter Patriot
How Dare I
Veritas 6464
Gordon Duff
Steve Lendman
Veterans Today
Divining The Truth
Loose Change
Luke Radkovsky
We Are Change
Wake Up From Your Slumber
AmeriKan News Monitor
9/11 Mysteries
9/11 Revisited
Jim Fetzer
Patriots Question 9/11
Pilots For 9/11 Truth
Lyndon LaRouche
Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
MSM Monitor
Gerald Celente
Michel Chossudovsky
Mike Ruppert

Not sure if they’re cons, or just stupid/twisted; either way, they are enemies, from mild to vile:

Red Ice
Mid-to-Low-Level LaRouchites
Kenny’s Sideshow
Gilad Atzmon
Ted Pike

Could be just off his rocker, and useful to some; it’s hard to tell with Jews:

Brother Nathanael

Others are perhaps for real, but get compromised by the cons. For example:

Sybil Edmonds (undecided)

4. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011


“enemies, from mild to vile”

Did not mean they were listed in order, from mild to vile.

Red Ice is vile. Disgusting. Anti-Christ Filth.

Mid-to-Low-Level LaRouchites are probably sincere cultists.

Kenny’s Sideshow is anti-Christian, and often rubbish. Seemingly sincere. Who knows?

Gilad Atzmon is a parasite and a toxin in the UK.

Ted Pike is anti-Christian and anti-White. Not sure if he’s for real.

The Prodigal Son - September 7, 2011


Good to hear from you again…

Ha, you listed Gordon Duff twice… Does that mean he’s twice the con?

What do you have against the following?:

  • Ryan Dawson
  • Irish4Palestine
  • Christopher Bollyn
  • 9/11 Revisited
  • Global Research.ca
  • What Really Happened
  • Brother Nathanael
  • Your listing of Br. Nathanael especially surprised me… I had been under the impression that you supported him.

    5. The Prodigal Son - September 7, 2011

    On a related note, here are some genuine 9/11 researchers to contrast with Duff, Fetzer and their ilk:

    I truly believe that these are sincere and honest people who have lent their expertise (risking their careers and their very lives) to the cause of finding out the truth of what took place that day nearly ten years ago.

    They’re doing what they’re doing because they disbelieve the ‘official version’ of the events of 9/11/2001.

    However, just because we’re aware enough to dispute the ‘official’ narrative does not mean we need to delve into fantastical (and imaginary) space-weapons like “directed-energy beams”, etc. Controlled demolitions do not require magical space-weaponry or ‘mini-nukes’.

    6. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    I did put Br. Nathanael separately, because he’s very good when he’s good, and his eccentricities might just be the unfortunate side-effects of growing-up-Jew; but he’s dodgy because of his connections and covering up for Ugly Glenn and the Gnostic Liberation Front, when I pointed out to B.N. that they said that Herzl, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Jabotinsky, etc. are divine. He told me not to be so divisive.

    He’s also connected to JOE CRAZYSHOUTINGMAN CORTINA and Incogman.

    And his pimping for the Masonic Moscow Patriarchate is offensive.

    And his idolatrous attitude towards the Russian state. I’m not bothered if people admire or dislike Putin, since he’s a politician, and politicians have to be considered in mostly worldly terms, and relative to the alternatives available. But B.N. goes much farther than that and praises Putin in a very unseemly manner. Perhaps he’s just not so aware of what goes on in the MP and WCC etc. He should really just talk about what he knows — how things are in the US media and government.

    7. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    There’s plenty wrong with Ryan Dawson. His constant attacks on anyone criticizing Jews and Freemasonry are enough though. And his pimping for his Saviour Ron Paul. He talks a lot of rubbish too. He’s anti-Christian, and defends Communism, Luciferianism. Defended Stalin as “not an anti-Semite”. He’s a con. Cognitive dissonance. Contradicts himself. Plagiarizes. Arrogant twerp.


    “Christian and Jewish as anyone who knows squat about politics knows that those “religions” are just fronts, they are businesses that sucker the poor out of money and act as political movers and shakers. Stalin killed Jews but that had nothing to do with anti-zionism or Zionism, as Jews do not equal Zionism. He killed or arrested religious leaders of all faiths.”

    “Sure Marx and communism was atheistic but by choice and enlightenment not by force. It was a prediction of the stages of History that ONE DAY we would reach a point where religion was gone and people could share their wealth etc. It was not something human society could just skip to and force on everyone.”

    8. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    Everything about Global Research.ca is a con, right from the Communist Jew who runs the racket. It’s all about “American Imperialism”, “Right Wing Christians”, “Zionism”, not Jews.

    His slavish pimping for the Jew Khaddafi is vomitous. He attacks Christianity. He defends Muz with kike words like “Islamophobia”.

    He doesn’t identify Jews as Jews. E.g.: “Neo-conservatism at the Vatican? Kissinger to become Political Adviser to Pope Benedict XVI” — No. JEW in the Vatican. JEW Kissinger….

    Garbage from globaljewresearch:

    “All US Masonic lodges are to this day warranted by the British Crown, whom they serve as a global intelligence and counterrevolutionary subversion network. ”

    “Western-controlled institutions such as the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)”

    “The custom of Jubilee began in the Old Testament when Jesus of Nazareth entered the Synagogue on the Sabbath.”

    Filthy mega-Kikery from GlobalResearch.jew:


    The Prodigal Son - September 7, 2011

    9. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    Ryan Dawson, the “Pantheist Atheist Satanist Libertarian”:

    “Religious people have a disastrous way of thinking that pits a world view where without religion everything is cultural relativism, which is further twisted to mean that there is no such thing as right and wrong. They believe that only through religious teachings can societies have a clear cut basis for right and wrong (never mind basing it on reason).”

    “Religion has the worst track record for organizing human beings into committing atrocities. The Bible, for example, supports the divine right of kings, an authoritarian form a government prone to war and corruption. In Christianity’s peek of political power, people lived under kings where 90% of the population were serfs. Slavery is supported and advocated in the bible so is animal sacrifice, as well as the second rate status of women and a slew of other ills.

    “Now apologists (rationalization makers) will claim that the Christians of the past, who pretty much had nonstop war, inquisitions, genocide of American Indians under manifest destiny, burned young women believing them to be witches and threw scientist in jail for saying things we now believe to be true, were not REAL Christians. This is just not true. The entire concept of witches, divine kings, and killing heretics can not exist without the religion.”

    “Murder is OK if it is a war, and war is OK if it’s for your religion. Who has stolen and murdered more people than Christians?”

    “More Jews have been killed by Christians than by Muslims or any other people. More Muslims have been killed by Christians than by anyone else. More Native Americans have been killed by Christians namely Catholics, than by anyone else. More Africans have been killed by Christians than by anyone else. More Christians have been killed by other Christians than by anyone else. More land has been stolen by Christians than by anyone else.”

    “Our founding fathers many of them atheist and desist broke away from religion and the systems set up by such belief systems. The whole concept of a Republic as opposed the divine rule was a step away from religious absolutism. Freedom and democracy are not Biblical principles. The Bible has King David, King Solomon, and King Saul. There is no voting in the Bible.

    “Some revisionist Bibles now says maidservants in place of the word slaves. They can change the words but we have close to two thousand years of recorded history showing they damn well meant and placticed slavery.”

    “It is simply insane to say that religious philosophy is a good ground work for moral values. It creates clear an rigid prejudices. Members of the faith can not even allow themselves to THINK differently under the threat of force, actually under the threat of eternal punishment.

    “Who currently has such a problem with homosexuals? Religious people. Who is it that blindly supports a war based on lies and has thus supported killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis? Religious people. Who has an on going conflict between Zionist Jews and Palestinians (or really any non-Zionist)? Religious people. Northern Ireland… Religious people. Muslims and Hindu fighting in Kashmir, religious people again. Who has a fit about stem cell research and abortions?-Religious people. Actually all of these are a mixture of Religion an politics. This is why it is crucial to keep religion out of politics. Be a stupid hate filled bigot on your own time but keep it out of the government!”

    10. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    Dawson is a real stomach-churner. I see he’s now hooked up with the Jew Kokesh. No surprise there. What else comes to mind? Right, his rubbish about Sebrenica…

    The Jew Chossudovsky is a world-class Christ-Killer though.


    Happy Birthday Fidel Castro

    by Michel Chossudovsky

    Today, August 13, 2011 it is the birthday of Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution.

    The Global Research team extends its warm greetings and best wishes to Comandante Fidel.

    Last October, I had the opportunity of spending several days at Fidel Castro`s home in the suburbs of Havana.

    I discovered a man of tremendous integrity, with an acute mind and sense of humor, committed in the minute detail of his speech to social progress and the advancement of humankind, conscious of the dangers of the US led war and the Worldwide crisis, with exceptional skills of analysis and understanding of his fellow human beings, with a true sprit of internationalism and a tremendous knowledge of history, economics and geopolitics.

    [Fidel:] “I frequently consult articles from the Global Research website”

    On the first day, when I met Fidel at his home, he was reading [JEW] Bob Woodward’s best-seller The [JEWS’ WHORE] Obama Wars which had just been released.

    A central concept put forth by Fidel Castro in our discussions was the ‘Battle of Ideas”. The leader of the Cuban Revolution believes that only a far-reaching “Battle of Ideas” can change the course of World history.

    The corporate [JEW] media is involved in acts of camouflage. The devastating impacts of a nuclear war are either trivialized or not mentioned. Against this backdrop, Fidel’s message to the World must be heard; people across the land, nationally and internationally, should understand the gravity of the present situation and act forcefully at all levels of society to reverse the tide of war.

    The “Battle of Ideas” is part of a revolutionary process. Against a barrage of media disinformation, Fidel Castro’s resolve is to spread the word far and wide, to inform world public opinion, to “make the impossible possible”, to thwart a military adventure which in the real sense of the word threatens the future of humanity.


    Fidel’s “Battle of Ideas” must be translated into a worldwide movement. People must mobilize against this diabolical military agenda.


    Our “wish-list” to Comandante Fidel Castro on his 85th Birthday is:

    For a World of Peace,

    For a World of Truth, where people Worldwide join hands,

    For a World of understanding, a World of tolerance and respect,

    For the concurrent demise of neoliberalism and militarization which destroy people’s lives,

    For the outright criminalization of America’s imperial wars,

    For a World of Social Justice with a true “responsibility to protect” our fellow human beings,

    To Truth in Media. For a World in which journalists are committed to reporting the truth,

    Happy Birthday Comandante Fidel,

    You are the source of tremendous inspiration. Our thoughts are with you.

    Long Live Fidel Castro Ruz

    Michel Chossudovsky, on behalf of the Global Research Team, Montreal, August 13, 2011


    11. The Prodigal Son - September 7, 2011

    I feel that Br. Nathanael is the real deal… I could be wrong I suppose but I don’t think so. He (like the majority of us) doesn’t have all of the answers all of the time but I do believe he’s sincere and that his motivations are without guile.

    Ryan Dawson has some ideas that are erroneous; I just think he hasn’t quite pieced it all together yet. But he’s close. He knows the ‘Holocaust’ is mostly bunk…

    He knows that the attacks of 9/11 were not carried out by Arabs.

    He’s a little stuck on making a distinction between Jews and Zionists; Jews and Israel the Jewish state… I don’t think he’s quite figured out the extent of the power which the Jews wield through their banks…

    I don’t think he understands that the US (and all ‘Western’) government is also controlled by the Jews. He may never figure it out… but these things are like those optical hidden images: they’re well hidden, camouflaged; hard to see at first.

    But once seen, they cannot be unseen.

    He (like Mike Rivero) rejects ‘Christianity’… but as I’ve intimated before – what they reject is not true Christianity.

    I also reject the false Christianity which they reject and I believe that you do too. I honestly think that they are (as I was not too long ago) just ignorant on that subject.

    I never really knew much about GlobalResearch.ca… A Jew is running things there? Really?

    Anyhow, I’m going to be frank and tell you that I think your problem is that you expect everyone to be as sharply astute as you are. They’re (we’re) just not. Period.

    I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, at least until I’m proven to be wrong. It’s Heinlin’s Razor…

    How’s that quote go? Something like:

    “Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by ignorance.”

    … Or something like that.

    12. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    Dawson’s a con, a liar, and he isn’t opposed to “fake Christians” — he’s Anti-Christian, and he has utter contempt for Christians.

    It’s nothing about being astute. There are plenty of sincere people online that I completely disagree with, or who I think have things wrong. That has nothing to do with it. I still wish them the best. Have no animosoty.

    But this pack of hyenas are proven liars and all love some aspect of the Jew World Order even as they attack another. For example, the Jew Atzmon was all about the Jew-State and Jew arrogance before — now he’s all Jew with his constant accusations of “Islamophobia” — and I know for a fact that he knows it’s a Jew-term that was specifically designed by a Jew intelligence operative and security services propagandist in the UK, to counter opposition to the Islamization of Britain. He also hooked up with C-Bitch and other Jew operatives to defend all the Black thugs in the recent riots there, and to attack any White Britons who dare object to their borders being thrown open to the dregs of the planet while they have become second-class citizens in their own land.

    And the Jew Chossudovsky and the Jew Lendman and their ilk are the NKVD and Comintern of the 21st century. They are scum. Complete scum.

    And they’ve always got their paws out, looking for their cut.

    13. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    Never attribute to ignorance that which can best be explained by malice?

    14. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    There’s also willful ignorance, and purposely encouraging ignorance through propaganda.

    For example, how could someone possibly write page after page after page of praises of the Jew Khaddafi without even mentioning that he was trained by the Greek Military establishment ad by the British Army and Intelligence Services in 1965-1966, and graduated from the BA Signals Corps training course?

    And I despise most of the people on that list of con-jobs because they are out-and-out enemies of the Hoklos, the Acholi and Dinka, the British people of Northern Ireland, the Serbs, Koreans, Indians, the Habesha, Libyans, Amezaghi, Tibetans, indigenous Europeans in general, Christians in general, the Liangmai, the Rongmei, etc. — they just set up the “good Goy” vs “the bad Goy” and we’re supposed to take sides.

    The Prodigal Son - September 7, 2011

    Correction: Hanlon’s Razor.

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    I think that ‘stupidity’ is a little harsh, and certainly wouldn’t always apply.

    I prefer this earlier version I think… and it’s probably more applicable here:

    …misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.”
    -Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774)

    In other words, I’d like to think that most people mean well… but they’ve been misled. They’ve been fooled into believing something was the truth.

    If I repeat a lie to you – you’ll likely think me to be misleading you… but chances are higher that I’m not doing it on purpose.

    We have been (and presently are) lied to more than ever. The lies are all pervasive. Most people in fact – live the lie… Those same people are also mostly blissfully unaware of that fact.

    Dawson’s a con, a liar, and he isn’t opposed to “fake Christians” — he’s Anti-Christian, and he has utter contempt for Christians.

    I’d wager that Dawson has never even met a a real Christian.

    15. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    It’s nothing to do with meeting Christians. He hates Christ. He hates the Gospels, the Bible, the New Testament, the Church, Christianity altogether.

    Ryan Dawson:

    “The idea of Jesus is silly to me. I mean the man or character was not so bad. However the concept of a god having a kid just so he could kill it or allow it to be killed as a sacrifice to himself to prevent his own wrath from being unleashed on all the people he made for being the way he made them is insane. Oh but you’re cool as long as you believe in the killing of his kid. It’s like some sick masicistic tantrum.

    “When did Jesus speak out against slavery? When did he talk about saving mother earth? when did he talk about ending religious wars or to stop treating women like property or that kings were just ordinary men? He didn’t. He spoke out against adultry and sex before marraige but not against owning other human beings or selling children etc.

    “He is over rated.”

    16. 正教会の智 - September 7, 2011

    Who are these characters? What hole did they crawl out of? Why are they anybody? What have they done? Half of them are virtually illiterate. Why bother debating with the Jew Duff, or trying to ‘catch him out’ or whatever? Who on Earth is he? All that matters is he’s a liar, he hates Christians, he’s a Jew, he praises abortionists, he loves queer “marriage. All those engineers and so on you have the videos of, above — they could all have the same views. Who knows? It makes no difference. They discuss facts. They don’t say, “Here’s a little second-or-third-hand distorted rubbish about an alleged fact, or so i heard, about something I haven’t a clue about, and by the way, give me your money and I’ll tell you how Christ is over-rated, and your sons should try anal sex.”

    The Prodigal Son - September 7, 2011

    It’s nothing to do with meeting Christians. He hates Christ. He hates the Gospels, the Bible, the New Testament, the Church, Christianity altogether.

    He doesn’t know Christ. He’s been lied to about that. I was him once.

    Nor does he know the Gospel… he’s heard nothing but Protestant tongue-talking bullshit (EDIT: Or made up out of the blue Papist gibberish). He doesn’t understand the Bible.

    He definitely knows nothing at all about Jesus the Christ, His Church or Christianity on a whole. I know this.

    “The idea of Jesus is silly to me. I mean the man or character was not so bad. However the concept of a god having a kid just so he could kill it or allow it to be killed as a sacrifice to himself to prevent his own wrath from being unleashed on all the people he made (…)

    Thank you for helping me to prove that the man has no clue what he’s talking about. That is not what the Church believes.

    He’s a product of our shite culture… I recognize him because I used to be him. He’s saying things like that because that’s Jew culture. They made him that way.

    It’s pop… it’s funny to say blasphemous things about Jesus Christ, don’t you know?

    Who are these characters?

    Who are you? Who am I?

    We’re all just nobodies.

    As for Duff… Why shouldn’t I tell people he’s lying to them? People take his word for things…Why? I don’t know.

    Why do I do any of what I do? They’re liars. I’m not. I actually like to tell the truth, and I will go out of my way to do so…

    “Here’s a little second-or-third-hand distorted rubbish about an alleged fact, or so i heard, about something I haven’t a clue about, and by the way, give me your money and I’ll tell you how Christ is over-rated, and your sons should try anal sex.”

    Say what? Where’d that come from? Ha

    17. 正教会の智 - September 8, 2011

    People like you and I are not going around telling people “go here, go there, shut up about that, maaan, we don’t need that in Our Movement, vote for Ron Paul! send me your money!”

    Why do you assume Dawson’s idiocy and blasphemies and so on are not his fault? When people go around spouting complete nonsense about history, texts, writers, and so on (the kind of nonsense sold by the likes of “Red Ice” and half of the Troofers mentioned above), there’s also the factor that: They believe what they want to believe.

    The comment about 2nd-or-3rd-rate distorted rubbish…I haven’t a clue about…give me your money…Christ…overrated…your sons should try anal sex” was a paraphrase of Dawson’s spiels.

    Also, everyone makes typos, but haven’t you ever thought about how weird it is that people like the Jew Duff and the I’d-say-more-likely-all-the-time-Jew Dawson, who put so much ‘effort’ into rallying the Goyim, and who are supposedly taken so seriously by so many online — that they never heard of Spell-Checker?

    Their writing is so barely literate I don’t accept it’s for real. It’s part of Cognitive Dissonance and built-in self-destruct mechanisms. Like the widespread amateurishness of people who are supposedly also professional enough to set up radio stations, organize international conferences and so on — and then go on the air to spout complete nonsense, and engage in endless STM-pseudo-feuds — and create the ugliest websites imaginable (e.g. IAmTheWitnessOfHow CuckooIAm and Ryan Dawson’s vomit-bucket of a website.)

    + + +

    More of Dawson’s idiocies:

    “The leader of Europe and the EU is between France and England. The UK under Blair and co has sold its soul to the US for support in handing them that role so Naturally France and Germany are opposed to them. I love it. France was once a colonial power no better than the others but they have changed. WW1 and WW2 changed them. They saw the bulk of the violence in both wars.”

    Dien Bien Phu? Algeria? Suez? Bosnia, Libya? France controlling 14 of Africa, installing puppet regimes, being one of the world’s main arms-suppliers?

    “England” (where’s that?) as “the leader” of “Europe”? England doesn’t even have a government, so how can it lead “Europe”. What is he smoking?

    Dickhead Dawson:

    “next film is on conspiratards and illuminati morons. it is going to destroy them. … Disinformation and all this religious bullshit has to end. its time people learned the truth. I may just turn it into a film on the history of religion/government and the insanity of the Bible in general.”

    “Tex Marrs is a foolish Christian Bigot that is blame shifting everythng away from WASP and on to minorities like Jews and Atheist and Devil worshippers lol. The man is a moron that believes in Bible prophecy.”

    “Icke…has nothing to do with most of the idiots that believe in an illuminati (though they cant even define it ) they believe it because of the backwards religious history they have been fed by Protestant preachers and the same shit re-hashed by holy-rollers like Alex Jones who just have a huge gaping hole in their brain and critical thinking when it comes to ANYthing involving religion.”

    “real reason for libya is egypt. as soon as congres was out of session after the egyptian revolt Obama took us to war, and claimed oh they were out of session this was emergency war powers act but then he saty far longer than 60 days.”


    “Obama rushed into Libya as soon as congress was out of session.

    Israelis shot down a Libyan commercial airliner on Feb. 23, 1973 and 111 peopel died. That was not reported in the US news. Victor Ostrovsky who wrote The Other Side of Deception and by way of decpetion we do war, admits the Mosad set up Libya via a transmitter broadcasting flase information.”

    It was 108 who died. It was Feb. 21, 1973. It was a Libyan plane that flew into the Sinai, which was then Jew-State occupied, when they were still at war with Egypt, so it’s hardly surprising they shot a plane down that refused to acknowledge even any messages from the 2 Jew-State fighter jets that kept signaling them to turn back or land. (In Libya a foreign plane would probably have been shot down without warning).

    And it WAS in the US media — all over, major news. The US even rebuked the Jews for over-reacting, but there was nothing surprising about it. It’s what happens in war when planes wander into the war-zone.

    And the Mossad stuff is nonsense. The co-pilot, who survived the crash, even said they had gotten lost in a dust storm and then decided to just ignore the Jew-State jets.

    So basically Lyin’ Dawson gets ever single detail wrong. Typical for a Troofer. The biggest liars ever.

    The Prodigal Son - September 8, 2011

    Yeah, I always thought it was funny when people ask for money…

    The really funny part though is when people actually send it to them!

    Re: Dawson… I really couldn’t care less. He doesn’t really bother me.

    Did he really say we should teach our sons about anal? That is a little weird, I’ll grant you that! He probably wishes he never said that one… ha.

    What do you have against Ron Paul? He’s the only one I’d even consider voting for if I was an American. End the Fed? We all might just have a chance if that actually happened and America (and Canada) took back the power to create the money.

    I’d like to see Paul end the Fed… and I’d like to see it cause a chain reaction across the globe.

    If only people would all realize how enslaved we all really are, on an earth where God has provided amply for our every need. I’d like to someday in my lifetime see true freedom return to our nations. I’d like to see us stand up and be nations once again.

    May God make it so…

    18. 正教会の智 - September 9, 2011

    The point is that all those people mentioned are liars, twisters, deviants, and/or stupid. I don’t have the time or inclination to bother with them all, and quite a few I’ve already dealt with in detail, and life is too short. I was just focusing on Dawson because people keep sending me his retarded videos, telling me how clever and how decent and honest and so on he is, and all I see is a stupid, arrogant pig-twerp. He’s one of the most stupid people in the world.

    He is such a moron, he’s like some loudmouth berk you’re forced to sit next to for 12 hours on a plane while he drones on with his rubbish, completely oblivious to facts or correction.

    More of his bilge:

    “Kristol Wolfowitz and Kagan are all Jews. Its not satan its just the Jewish religion. Religion is sick. Yes tit is evil, but that does not make it devil worship. If you want to measure evil deeds then the Jews have a long way to go before even being close to the wicked things Christians have done to people all over the world. ”

    “I hope you don’t think Christmas and Easter are from Christian origins as well. They pervert history.”

    “Everyone in the US and Canada has heard the official story of Thanksgiving. You hear about it in grade school. It’s a nice tale of racial harmony and happy co-existing cultures sharing food in a feast and giving thanks apparently without contradictions to pantheist concepts and monotheistic myths from sun worship perverted to a self sacrificing sadomasochistic god of ego demanding worship and issuing out eternal punishment for nonbelievers and who thought it was necessary to have a son (or become a his own son) and torture and kill it as a sacrifice to himself in order to be able to save everyone from his own wrath so long as believe his masochistic tantrum. Also known as Christianity.”

    “What is a Redskin anyway? It’s not the color of an Indian obviously. That’s about as stupid as thinking that Asian people are yellow. And yet sadly although most people know that Asians are as white as whites don’t know about American Indians because so many were killed that it is not uncommon for someone to have never met an American Indian. … Native Americans are not red. The red refers to the blood stained scalps which acted like trophies.”

    [It was a reference to red warpaint. And I seem to recall that collecting scalps and counting coups were Injun hobbies.]

    “In fact you may have heard the myth that when the Spanish “accidentally discovered” the new world they thought they were in India and this is why the people were ignorantly named Indians, a name that did not change despite later indisputable evidence that they were indeed not in India. Now this is not what happened either but even within the myth, for it to work, Native Indians would have to look like Indians of India who are not red. And if that’s not enough for you then put it this way, American Indians today are not red. Nobody evolved that fast either.”

    [Is there some logic there?]

    “There is no mention of (Asian) Indians being red, but light skinned to dark skinned browns, which they made a nifty little religiously supported racist caste system for and kept a very good record of as it was very important to them.”


    “I hate Columbus but basically all the crap you learned in school is just that, pure crap. Columbus was a genocidal maniac. The town that built his ships did so to repay debt for the crown’s war kicking out the Moors from Spain. How fitting that the bigotry and racism would spread abroad.”

    “Columbus was the first CATHOLIC to discover the Americas and that is why he is credited with the whole discovery. He was a Knight a Malta hardcore Christian. The man fed children to dogs and made a sport of hanging bodies up by tying arms and hacking at them the way would cut a tree down.”

    [Maybe he threw them in gas chambers too.]

    “The Plymouth settlers…did not see any fences on the land, a European marking of property administered by the church vestiges.”

    “And here is another myth. [Oh, please tell us, O Wise One] Some people falsely think that Europe had potatoes before contact, they did not.” [Well that’s a shocker! What a maverick. Wow’s he’s gone rogue! Who thinks there were potatoes in Europe pre-Raleigh?] The Irish potato famines were in the 19th century and those were largely manufactured not natural. The English were exporting food to England from a starving Ireland. The immigrants didn’t just leave for freedom, they were driven out to escape starvation and trumped up debts they couldn’t pay. The English won either way. I say England rather than Britain because that is who it was. The Bank of England which is privately owned was a large part in all of this, as was other mega companies like the East India Tea company. The EIT was a private corporation larger than some nations. That island has been ruled for a very long time by corporate plutocrats and it still is. The former Republic of the USA is currently headed for an economic collapse and is stuck in perpetual war the driving force of which is Religious fanaticism, namely Zionism and military industrial banking complex. Potatoes came from the Americas. The first to bring them back to Europe were the Spanish. Also form the New World came, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Oranges, Grapefruit, Squash, Vanilla, Cranberries, Corn, Turkey, Chili Peppers, Peanuts, Manioc, Pineapple (from Brazil not Hawaii) Avocados, Cashews, (modern/genus Fragaria) Baens, Pumpkin, and Chocolate. Yes although most of the chocolate in the world today is made by virtual slaves in Africa, it originally came from Mexico. Also common garden Strawberries are a hybrid of two Native American strawberries one form Chile and one from Virginia. If you think the crimes of the past have gone away because people don’t talk about them and cover things up with stories think again. In the 1970s Under the Family Planning Act approved By George Bush Sr. 42% of Native women were targeted for sterilization. At the same time another scandal mothers of white children were told that their babies had died and then the perfectly healthy babies were sold to rich families (unaware of what was going on) looking to adopt white children. Ric Flair the famous Pro Wrestler who lives in North Carolina discovered that he was one of those children and he wrote about it in his book. This was in America. Babies could be stolen from mothers and other potential mothers could be sterilized. Bush Sr. was part of the Family Planning Act. Well he is the son of a Nazi sympathizer/financier and just look at what his sons have done particularly George Jr. Oh they can not be as overt in their racism as they used to but believe me it never went away. Bush reminds me of those psychotic Puritans burning people by the river. He thinks he is doing the Lords work and called his wars a crusade. As the saying goes “We have to learn history or we are damned to repeat it.””

    “The English were in Australia and they saw a kangeroo and asked the native, what’s that, and the native who saw them everyday said Kan-ga-roo or “what the hell are you talking about?” and thus the name became kangeroo.”

    More Dawson Dreck. “Kangaroo” comes directly from the Guugu Yimithirr word for the animal.

    He loves his dumb story he keeps repeating as his “evidence” of what “dumpasses” the English are. They managed to navigate the globe, but couldn’t understand a language they had never heard before, spoken by morally and spiritually and racially superior non-Europeans, and then compiled grammars and so on of that langauge. Oh yes, what “dumpasses” they are…

    “Dawson” is the Abolonquinatianese word for “He who took an Anthroplogogy 101 course in college. Here’s the Prof again:

    “the word Kangaroo is an animal in Australia but its actually means “What are you talking about?” however when asked what a Kangaroo was a Native interpreter said “what the hell are you talking about as in how can you not know what that is they are everywhere.” and the Brits just said ah it is a Kangaroo. ”

    [Dopey Dawson referring to some website criticizing Thanksgiving as a Commie Hol:] “an anti-communist site. (this befire communism was even invented) Private property my ass ,the boarders for all property were drawn by the vestages of the Church. Religion controlled who owned what. And owned my ass they were told what to grow and how much of it they could produce.”

    Yes, yes, preach on Brother Ryan, preach on!

    [Responding to someone saying, “I don’t think they [American Indians] are lazy by nature, but when you look at all the things they get for doing nothing it only makes sense that they continue to do nothing.” :]

    “holy shit you’re clueless. American indians dont get shit form the US. .. They are tossed in the army more than any other ethnicity and the little money they had was taken by Abramoff.

    “For the record I’m American Indian and I’m not lazy and I have never gotten a dime from the government and am not entitled to either. That is a fucking white lie.”

    Oh well, if it’s only a white lie…

    “Only recently have Christians given up their slaves and not been rules by divine kings. They practiced this cruel stuff from the bottom to the top for over 1,850 years of their 2,000 year existence. And the Zinonist are still doing much of it. and that’s just one religion. Hidu and Islam are just as guilty and insane. the Torah however is by far the worse.”

    “where is there wisdom in the Bible? It is as backwards as a book can get. ”

    “The bible supports the divine right of kings, slavery, the subjegation of women, and fascism for Jews.”

    “I used to be a Christian. I dropped it. I don’t have any religin. I can see through that MK now. Pepole must see past religon, the false left and right paradigm, the fake news, and the crap they are told in school.”

    [One of his slobberers responds to that: “I’m glad to see that someone has an educated perspective on the matter. You may like to see these lectures from another individual [Jordan Maxwell] who is critical of religion. He goes further to show how these religions are part of a larger structure of manipulation which infiltrates nearly every aspect our lives and embroils us in violence, bloodshed and hatred. I hope that some of you will take the time to review these lectures as they are full of fresh insight and the research of a man who had, at the time of the lecture, spent 30 years studying theology and the occult.”]


    “I don’t think Jews are a cult of Satan as I do not believe in Satan. I really don’t see a difference between the Jewish God and the Jewish Devil both seem to me to be evil as shit. Same goes for the Christians as they are worshipping the same thing plus one demi-god Jesus.”

    He’s almost as great a philosopher of sex as The Jew Khaddafi is, that expert on the morality of menstruation:

    “Sex is 1 real 2 biologically programed in animals to desire and enjoy 3 it does not rapidly kill your brains cells like drugs or warp the world into a super natural fantasy. It’s healthy. But it can be bad, just like eating can be bad, if you eat too much or too little its unhealthy. But we dont say eating is bad. Eating is definately good. We’re all dead if we dont do it. And you wouldn’t be here if it were not for sex.”

    To a Muz who said the Bible is all lies and he knows “The Real Jesus” from the Koran:

    “dude Jesus didn’t even exist it was not 200 years after he moved on, they made him up.”

    Obviously hasn’t a clue what Japanese believe:

    “Look at Japan 80% atheist hardly anything even close to anarchy. Rules based on reason instead of superstition and dogma is fine by me.”

    “You know what acted as banks before there were banks and even took 10% or more tax form people? Churches. Churches are the orginal banksters.”

    “Rejecting theism is pretty much a given for people with an IQ above of 71.”

    “The Bible is not even laughable, its just sick and immoral.”

    “undermining establish religion undermines established power. the oh they are just some of the bads ones, doesn’t work even if it is true. I opposed organized religion because I genuinely think it is false but also because they clearly support the elite and governments from the days of kings to the plutocrats of today.”

    “god wiped out the whole planet not just people but everything with a flood. The million Iraqis killed is part of a Zionist agenda and its Christians out there with the guns not atheists. The starving people is because of the IMF also Zionist but its also because these under developed nations which cling to superstitions lack the technology to feed themselves. God has also promised to return and kill everyone again save for 140,000 that means he plans on killing even if he came right now about 5 billion people plus all other living life.”

    Otherwise I guess nobody would ever die…

    “”Caesar got fifty daggers in the back” — that is a Shakespear made myth.”

    19. 正教会の智 - September 9, 2011



    “Unless you just hate gay people too, you would have to admit the Bible yes the New Testament sure doesn’t approve of them.

    Now how about the divine right of Kings which Chriistians lived under for 1800 years? Don’t forget the praise for King David, King Solomon, and King Saul, no where does it say we should have a Republic and vote and that Kings are just ordinary men. See ROM 13 apparently God appointed all the leaders, gee do you think maybe the leaders wrote that themselves?

    This is why Rome embraced Christianity, …

    Jesus (the son of god) wasn’t real. At least the bulk of his story is bull. They just ripped off older myths from different people and reused them.

    It’s also why Matthew and Luke give different genealogies because they were attempts to link him with King David’s bloodline. Jesus (the man/philosopher) was a real person.

    As for the walking on water and all that, it’s just nonsense.

    Here is a run down of what went down.

    Some Jews didn’t like the idea of having a God for everyone just the chosen people, and they divided over this. The reformers invented Christianity, a passive religion under Saul/Paul who wrote the majority of the New Testament himself, which just so happened to give god’s ultimate authority to the current rulers (Romans 13) and supported monarchy and feudalism. Rome was in limbo between a Republic and a dictator all the time. Eventually the Emperor-side wins and they adopt Christianity because:

    For one it stripped power away form all the polytheistic priests, oracles, and temple heads who had political clout. Xney the competition check.

    Secondly it nurtured greater authoritarianism under the ‘one god rules’ thing just like the government. Note how stressed the old “there is only one god bla bla bla” is pushed at the time, it was very important.

    Thirdly, it centralized the wealth and this is crucial, rather than all these different temples to gods and goddesses’ temples dividing the suckers’ money it all got centralized. (then they used it in politics and they also made money on marriages and deaths ect… they use the military to conquer, convert, and collect. It’s a perpetual business)

    Fourthly it shuts up the poor because of how it is structured to dope them up with a fancy afterlife escapism which is contingent on the virtue equals obedience condition. I.e. work hard and suffer now and you get rewards later when your dead and can’t demand a refund. It has a psychological appeal to the underclass (the biggest threat) via false hope.Christianity has in essence always been a religion of the State unlike other religions.

    The for-profit business church would later divided into three and then spend a few centuries fighting each other in wars over who would get to collect from where and then they fought some equally asinine Muslims and then they turned on the Jews, Atheist, Pagans, and finally the Native Americans. It’s basically a sick history of kill convert and collect. And of course it was use to support slavery sexism and list of crazy things from animal sacrifice to circumcisions.

    Religions like Christianity have deep connections economics and government. As businesses they often neglect their own teaching and use their religious texts to justify crimes against humanity. From crusades and jihad to Manifest Destiny and Zionism.

    That was way over simplified but there is your super brief history.

    As you can see the New Testament is just as hateful as the last one. And Again I didn’t even have time to get into all the women bashing and the killing. I think the slavery and the homophobia and unconstitutional monarchies where 90% of the people lived as a serf class would be enough. And I think it would be beating a dead horse to bring up all the people these holy rollers killed in their kill convert and collect escapades.


    20. 正教会の智 - September 9, 2011


    “I’d like to see Paul end the Fed… and I’d like to see it cause a chain reaction across the globe.”

    And I’d like to do something with Nakama Yukie.

    Akira's Dreaming

    My dream is 100,000 times more likely to come true than yours is.

    If Ron Paul ends The Fed, it’ll be to replace it with something worse.

    21. 正教会の智 - September 10, 2011

    Video by a cool guy I know, about one of the numerous disinfo absurdities that the Troofers propagate:

    Heard Anthony Lawson last week saying that the REAL problem — the reason that people believe in stupid stuff, or don’t care what the Truth is, is because they believe in stupid things like an afterlife, God, Jesus Christ, the Bible.

    Another problem, according to him, is monarchy.

    Yes, the self-appointed Troofers, from Duff to Lawson to virtually all the bloggers are agreed that the real problems are “Theists”, religious “nuts”, and monarchies (as if somehow Red China, Kimilsungkimjongil-land, France, The Jew-State in Palestine and The Jew-State in America must be automatically superior to Canada, the UK, Norway, Malaysia and Japan.)

    Texe Marrs (whom I listen to from time to time just for the comedic value of his shtick), in his last show, said that Roman Catholics believe that the Virgin Mary is headed towards Earth to give The Key to the Pope (which he somehow already has, but never mind that), so he can rule the world. He says that’s why Catholics created her.

    And his name reminds me I should have thrown Jim “Fourth Reich” Marrs on that heap of con-jobs mentioned above.

    Eric “Last Days of the Big Lie” Hunt and Friedrich “Diesel Gassings” Berg both said that the real problem in the world is Christians, not Jews; and both said, “Christianity is a bigger lie than The Holocaust”, and as soon as they demolish that minor H-myth, then they can demolish the big C-myth. Their comrade Carolyn Yeager is not so militant, but did say that Christians forced Germans to convert by pouring molten metal down their throats. Strange way of converting people, you might think; but of course it’s a prescribed punishment in the Talmud. Also strange to hear someone whose hobby is deconstructing Atrocity Porn then start spreading her own Atrocity Porn stories hither and yon. When I asked her for evidence of this Christian molten-metal-in-gullet conversion tactic, she cited some stupid Jew-book, BY a Hoaxico$ter whose wife is also a Hoaxico$ting “Survivor” (and both are hooked up with a bunch of the Jew-Masonic “Foundations” that control the US “academia”, publishing rackets, and broadcast media).

    So they may be at each others’ throats a lot, but there are a few things most Troofers can agree on.

    22. 正教会の智 - September 10, 2011

    Another thing most Troofers agree on is promoting the Jew propaganda line on Islam. They’re all pretty much in agreement with Bush, Obama, Feith, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Perle, etc, that Islam is peachy-keen and we must do everything we can to invite and welcome Muslims into our homes and combat so-called “Islamophobia” (an oyveyey Jew-term).

    George W. Bush: “Islam is Peace”

    President George W. Bush, at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C., 2001.09.17 [Audio; RAM file]:

    Like the good folks standing with me, the American people were appalled and outraged at last Tuesday’s attacks. And so were Muslims all across the world. Both Americans and Muslim friends and citizens, tax-paying citizens, and Muslims in nations were just appalled and could not believe what we saw on our TV screens.
    These acts of violence against innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith. And it’s important for my fellow Americans to understand that.
    The English translation is not as eloquent as the original Arabic, but let me quote from the Koran, itself: “In the long run, evil in the extreme will be the end of those who do evil. For that they rejected the signs of Allah and held them up to ridicule.”
    The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don’t represent peace. They represent evil and war.
    When we think of Islam we think of a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. Billions of people find comfort and solace and peace. And that’s made brothers and sisters out of every race — out of every race.

    U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Jew Paul Wolfowitz

    November 5, 2002:

    What disturbs me is this notion that somehow the United States is at war with Muslims or at war with Islam. In the 1990’s, five different times the U.S. military went to the aid of Muslim people. First to the people of Kuwait, who had been conquered by a vicious dictator and were being horribly abused. Then to the aid of the predominantly Kurdish population in northern Iraq, who are overwhelmingly Muslim. Then to the aid of the Bosnians in former Yugoslavia, who were Muslim. Then to the aid of the Kosovo Albanians in Serbia, who are overwhelmingly Muslim, I think entirely Muslim. And also to the aid of the starving people of Somalia, who are all Muslim. No one ever said we were fighting for Islam when we did that, but we happened to be defending Muslim populations.
    It’s the terrorists who are the real enemy of Islam, and it’s their very perverted, extreme, distorted version of the religion that they’re trying not only to use as a justification for killing Americans and killing Westerners, but also the justification for subjugating Muslims, the way the Taliban subjugated Muslims in Afghanistan.

    November 5, 2002:

    I’ve seen translations of articles that just openly boast about, “We did the attack on the Marines in Kuwait; we did the attack on the Synagogue in Tunisia; we did the attack on those awful, corrupt nightclubs in Bali, and it’s all a wonderful thing and it’s all in the name of Islam.”
    Well, it’s a hijacking of Islam. It’s a distortion of Islam. And this is the one thing that gives me some confidence, ultimately, is that whatever skepticism there is in Indonesia, whatever failure to understand the real problem, and there is a certain amount of it, the people in Indonesia are incredibly decent people and their vision of Islam is so completely different from this extreme version that the terrorists peddle, that I believe in the long run — hopefully in the short run as well — it’s going to be a huge asset in the fight against terrorism.

    April 8, 2002:

    I think what makes Indonesia so important is not just its size, but that it represents a Muslim tradition that epitomizes tolerance, respect for women and a very open attitude to the world and it is in marked contrast to that view that the extremists who carried out the World Trade Center attack are trying to present as Muslim.
    Something that I’ve heard about our new ambassador [to Indonesia] Skip Boyce which is quite wonderful which is that he has been out and about and making contact with Muslim groups of every variety and I think it is making a very strong positive impression.
    As a matter of fact I had occasion just today to meet with the head of the Mohamadia Movement, which is one of the two largest movements in Indonesia. He’s here for a conference. I recall with some pleasure that time they persuaded me to give a talk to Mohamadia University in Jakarta, told me that I was the first foreign ambassador to address them, and then I learned that Ambassador Boyce has addressed them three times in the short time he’s been there, so I’m glad to see that he’s out and doing that.
    I have a lot of confidence in mainstream Islam and Indonesia.

    July 17, 2002:

    On five occasions since the end of the Cold War, we put American troops in harm’s way to protect populations that were predominantly Muslim, starting with Kuwaitis but including the Kurds in northern Iraq, including the Somalis, including the Bosnians, including the Kosovars. In most of the occasions, actually, Turkey was with us helping. In fact, helping in all of them. I remember there was a Turkish general in the peacekeeping forces in Somalia, Cevik Bir, right. So, frankly, Turkey has stepped up to its responsibility in this regard, but the United States has done a lot more than some of the countries you mentioned to protect Muslim populations.
    I guess the two countries of Muslim majority that I know best are Turkey and Indonesia. I was the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia for three years, which has the largest Muslim population in the world. I believe — I’ve read Bernard Lewis — the only two countries of Muslim majority where Islam is not the state religion. So I had the pleasure of experience in very tolerant Muslim majority societies. And that’s, I believe, the real future for Muslims.

    U.S. Under Secretary of Defense, Jew Douglas J. Feith

    October 08, 2002:

    There are countries that have large Muslim populations that function perfectly moderately and aspire to the same kinds of basic values and principles that we aspire to, that want prosperity and political stability and respect for the rights of their people. You know, at the top of the list is a country like Turkey. There are countries throughout the Muslim world that share, I think, important principles with us.

    U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England

    April 26, 2007:

    Speaking with Muslim community leaders and military servicemembers, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England stressed that a regular exchange of views among Americans of all backgrounds is necessary to overcome “a huge amount of misunderstanding” in the United States regarding the Muslim faith.
    “We need to understand that almost all people of the Muslim faith, except for the extremists, are valuable members of our society and societies around the world,” England said. “It’s important for people to understand that perspective so that together we can defeat extremism. I think that’s what’s very important about this relationship.”
    Recognizing that deployed U.S. forces often serve as the main face of the United States abroad, the Marines have established an outreach and recruiting program for Muslim communities within the United States. The program is a mechanism for increasing the diversity of the force in order to better display the backgrounds and skills of the U.S. population to foreign audiences.
    Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jamal Baadani, national director of the Marine Corps’ Middle East Cultural Outreach Program, attended the meeting with England as one of the most active proponents of diversity in the force. A member of Baadani’s staff said their program worked with Marine recruiters to teach them sensitivity to Muslim issues and culture in an effort to build bridges between the military and U.S. Muslim communities.

    The Prodigal Son - September 10, 2011

    The point is that all those people mentioned are liars, twisters, deviants, and/or stupid. I don’t have the time or inclination to bother with them all, and quite a few I’ve already dealt with in detail, and life is too short.

    Well, I don’t put much faith in what they (or anybody for that matter) might say anyhow… Everyone can be wrong about something.

    I think a lot of it is symptomatic of GIGO syndrome.

    So Dawson’s part Native… You could tell just by some of his writings – or at least his writing might lead one to assume that he was Native.

    He does say some stupid shit I must say… I never really went back and read his writings so I was unaware of some of his worst stuff there.

    I hope you hadn’t gotten the impression that I was one of his little ‘fans’ or something? I’ve never sent you any of his videos.

    And I’d like to do something with Nakama Yukie.

    A picnic perhaps?

    She a little on the tiny side for my tastes…

    As for Ron Paul ending the Fed… I would imagine they would simply have him killed before they ever let it happen anyhow. They didn’t work so hard to get the Fed in place, and keep it for 100 years just to let it go that easy.

    About your friend’s friend; the firefighter, Denis Germain…

    Why are people saying that he never existed? These clowns are doing this on purpose! They just want to make anyone who questions the “Official Story” look like a kook.

    Another thing most Troofers agree on is promoting the Jew propaganda line on Islam. They’re all pretty much in agreement with Bush, Obama, Feith, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Perle, etc, that Islam is peachy-keen and we must do everything we can to invite and welcome Muslims into our homes and combat so-called “Islamophobia” (an oyveyey Jew-term).

    Well, I don’t know about inviting them into our homes… but I do think that we should not be over there killing them every day all day. Especially for something they didn’t even actually do to us.

    It’s insanity if you ask me.

    It’s murder.

    23. 正教会の智 - September 10, 2011

    “Well, I don’t know about inviting them into our homes…”

    * Canada. England. Ireland. Wales. Scotland. Spain. France. The US. The Netherlands. Belgium. Luxembourg. Portugal. Sweden. Norway. Denmark…

    “We should not be over there killing them every day all day. Especially for something they didn’t even actually do to us.”

    * Where’s “over there”?

    * Who’s being sent anywhere to kill Muslims for things they did or didn’t do? Nobody is. Canada? Canadian soldiers were sent to Somalia, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Libya, etc. to help the poor poor Muslims, oy vey, just as people are campaigning to get Canadian soldiers to go off and defend the poor poor Muslims in Sudan. As Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clarke, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and the rest of the Canadian politicians explained, Canadian soldiers had to go to protect the poor poor Muslims, to protect them especially from the awful awful Orthodox Christians and from the terrible terrorists who have hijacked the lovely “religion of peace” (i.e. the pedophile, cutthroat, rapist slave-cult of Mohammedanism).

    The Prodigal Son - September 11, 2011


    “Well, I don’t know about inviting them into our homes…”

    * Canada. England. Ireland. Wales. Scotland. Spain. France. The US. The Netherlands. Belgium. Luxembourg. Portugal. Sweden. Norway. Denmark…


    England? Where’s that? (Ha)


    “We should not be over there killing them every day all day. Especially for something they didn’t even actually do to us.”

    * Where’s “over there”?

    * Who’s being sent anywhere to kill Muslims for things they did or didn’t do? Nobody is.


    Tell that to the millions we’ve murdered.


    As Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clarke, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and the rest of the Canadian politicians explained, Canadian soldiers had to go to protect the poor poor Muslims, to protect them especially from the awful awful Orthodox Christians and from the terrible terrorists who have hijacked the lovely “religion of peace”

    Who calls Islam a “religion of peace”?

    24. 卍巴 - September 12, 2011

    Re: “Who calls Islam “a religion of peace”?”

    People who use words like “Islamophobia”. — Jews and Neo-Cons.

    In fact, the answer was given above:

    “Acts of violence against innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith. The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace.” (George W. Bush)

    “It’s the terrorists who are the real enemy of Islam … it’s their very perverted, extreme, distorted version of the religion that they’re trying…to use as…the justification for subjugating Muslims” (Paul Wolfowitz)

    “it’s a hijacking of Islam. It’s a distortion of Islam.” (Paul Wolfowitz)

    Re: “”Who’s being sent anywhere to kill Muslims for things they did or didn’t do? Nobody is.” — Tell that to the millions we’ve murdered.”

    Why did you murder millions of people?

    Who is being sent anywhere to kill Muslims? Where? Who? Why did you ignore the question?

    As Paul Wolfowitz explained, America and it’s allies acts as it does to satisfy people like you and all the other Muslim-defenders:

    “On five occasions since the end of the Cold War, we put American troops in harm’s way to protect populations that were predominantly Muslim, starting with Kuwaitis but including the Kurds in northern Iraq, including the Somalis, including the Bosnians, including the Kosovars. In most of the occasions, actually, Turkey was with us helping. In fact, helping in all of them.”

    Don’t you read the comments here?

    The Prodigal Son - September 12, 2011

    Re: “Who calls Islam “a religion of peace”?”

    People who use words like “Islamophobia”. — Jews and Neo-Cons.

    Well, I think you know that they’re lying and talking out of both sides of their mouths… Don’t you?

    It’s all just cover talk for their wars of aggression and conquest of course.

    Re: “”Who’s being sent anywhere to kill Muslims for things they did or didn’t do? Nobody is.” — Tell that to the millions we’ve murdered.”

    Why did you murder millions of people?

    Who is being sent anywhere to kill Muslims? Where? Who? Why did you ignore the question?

    Oh – were you under the impression that wasn’t a rhetorical question? I honestly thought it was!

    The American and Canadian and many other Western (Z.O.G.) nations are currently (and have been for coming on 10 years now) in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen… oh and can’t forget Libya.

    Seems as if Syria and Iran are in the making as well…

    I guess it’s just a coincidence that these are all Muslim majority nations right?

    I guess you’ve got me on the numbers though because really no one knows the total sum of the multitudes we’ve slaughtered (ostensibly in retaliation for 9/11 – which they had naught to do with)… In Afghanistan no one is even COUNTING how many of them (as in Muslims) we’re killing.

    That’s right – WE are killing these countless thousands upon thousands of innocents… with our tax dollars; through our complicity and ignorance.

    Don’t you read the comments here?

    Yes, I’m well aware of the standard party line thanks.

    I’m also well aware that it’s all a pack of lies.

    And you?

    25. Ken - September 29, 2011

    Dont forget about the David Duke liar & deceiver, who to this day says ARABS did 9/11 because of our support for Israel. roflmao! David Duke and Don Black are the biggest LIARS/DECEIVERS on the White Nationalist side of things.

    The Prodigal Son - September 29, 2011

    I’ve never heard of Don Black…

    As for David Duke – he could just be mistaken rather than consciously lying I would say.

    Many, many people have fallen for the Jewish frame-up of 9/11.

    26. The Prodigal Son - May 31, 2012

    More shenanigans from Gordon Duff:

    He posted this photo on his site, HERE:

    Gordon Duff's LIES

    Here, I’ve taken it apart and demonstrated Duff’s deception:


    27. The Prodigal Son - November 12, 2012

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