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Facebook’s ‘Mission’ Symbol – Have you seen it? Why not? November 2, 2011

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Jews.
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Here's the original, unaltered symbol; the one that was hidden inside Zuckerberg's jacket

Thanks to Ioannis Climacus for notifying us of this…

I for one had never seen this symbol before, I don’t think I would be alone.

These NWO Jews are big on symbols for sure… but Zuckerberg seemed very hesitant to show people this one.

Facebook’s “Mission” Symbol?

Well then why haven’t we seen it before?

You can tell how hot Zuckerberg is sitting there… but he’s got the jacket zipped right up, and he’s just sweating.

And he really doesn’t seem to want to take that jacket off.

~~~ ~ ~ ~~~

Partial transcript of the video:

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “You want to take off the hoodie?”


No I never take off the hoodie.”

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “I know you don’t… What’s with that?

There’s a group of women in the audience that wish you would…”

Yeah… No.”


(From the audience comes dead silence… Not one female made a single peep. Was that a cricket?)

Huh huh huh. Whoa.”

(Beavis? Is that you? Here on the tape you can see Zuckerberg nervously glancing at (himself on?) the monitor and sweating quite profusely…)



(Signaling to the female interviewer that maybe it’s time to move on because Zuckerberg is looking very uncomfortable about removing the jacket.)

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Sorry. Yeah, that’s OK…”

MALE INTERVIEWER: (Here trying to let Zuckerberg off the hook…) “Um… Can you explain what this ‘Instant Personalization’ thing was and why you did it, and what was the value of it to your users?”

Maybe I should take off the hoodie.”

(Here Zuckerberg is thinking to himself: ‘Girls want me to take my hoodie off!’)

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Take off the hoodie. You want to?”

MALE INTERVIEWER: “Go ahead. What the hell…”

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Here… Let me get someone…”




FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “This is a great moment in internet history.”

What? Awwwwgghhh….

Um… What are we gonna do with the mic?”

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Put it on your…”

MALE INTERVIEWER: “Just put it on the collar of your t-shirt. Do you want some-”

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Do you need some help?”

No… I’m good…”

"Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?" ... "It's just you."


(…) That is a warm hoodie. Let me see…”

(Here the interviewer reaches out and touches his jacket, seemingly trying to look at the inside… It seems like she knew that symbol was there – and she wants to draw attention to it. Zuckerberg is clearly not too pleased about it either…)

Yeah… No, it’s a thick hoodie… We…

It’s um… it’s a company hoodie – we print our mission on the inside.”



FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Oh my God – the inside of the hoodie everybody… Take a look.”

“Oh my God... It's like a secret cult...”

(Here Zuckerberg once again audibly groans in discomfort and exasperation at this development… He seems now to be wishing he would have just left his ‘hoodie’ on.)


FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “What is it? Making the…”

‘Making the world more open and connected’.

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Oh my God… It’s like a secret cult…”

(Zuckerberg again wipes the sweat from his brow…)

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: “Making the world… open and connected… Stream, graph, platform…

and then this weird symbol in the middle that’s probably for the Illuminati…”

~~~ ~ ~ ~~~

Is she kidding?

Because she’s basically hit the nail right on the head as far as I can tell!

Here I've highlighted certain portions and connected the dots a little...

Hmmm… Looks sort of familiar…

Facebook: Making the World Open (to the New World Order) and Connected (to a Worldwide, All Encompassing Jewish Surveillance Computer)

See also: Facebook = Mossad Operation?

~~~ ~ ~ ~~~





1. marcus - November 3, 2011

Probably wired up in a network to the computer Chick tracts tell us resides in the Vatican and has the names of all the Protestants in the world on a database stored within it’s files.

The Prodigal Son - November 3, 2011

Chick goes out of his way to blame things that the Jews are actually behind on the Vatican…

Qui bono?

Here is a telling illustration from Mr Chick (or I should rather say from the Black man who does Chick’s art for him):

Prison Rape

A typical prison scene – muderous, gay Nazi cannibals getting ready to rape, kill and eat a poor negro.

2. Mike - November 7, 2011

Yeah; only thing is, the prison setting is quite the opposite– at least here in the States. Its more like 85% Black. That cartoon is a very false impression ( and, unfortunately, I know this first hand).

The Prodigal Son - November 7, 2011

the prison setting is quite the opposite– at least here in the States. Its more like 85% Black. That cartoon is a very false impression

Yeah, that was my whole point… I was being sarcastic in saying that Chick’s depiction of prison life was typical. I guess I should have been more clear about that.

I was using that one frame as an indicator of Chick’s frame of mind, and of why everything he says should be dismissed.

Whites in prison stick together as a reactionary measure, in order to protect themselves from the gangs of Blacks and Latinos… the scene in real American prison life is quite the exact opposite of what Chick has depicted.

Ergo, Jack T Chick is full of it!

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to discover that the Jews were behind Jack Chick… much in the same way that they were behind Cyrus Scofield.

Chick Tracts are the modern-day incarnation of Scofield’s Zionist teachings – tailored to the youth and the increasingly less literate segment of society.

3. The Prodigal Son - November 13, 2011

Facebook's Mission Symbol

4. Dr Goldstein - November 28, 2011

Thanks for exposing this ! It explains a lot.

The Prodigal Son - November 28, 2011

The credit goes to my friend Ioannis Climacus over at the forum:

Facebook: Mossad Operation?

5. The Prodigal Son - December 2, 2011


All Your Face Are Belong to Us Book

Starry Eyed

6. The Prodigal Son - December 26, 2011

7. Lòt Poto-a - February 12, 2012

This is bullshit. Everyone knows that even Christianity is completely flawed and made up…Many of the myths in the Bible can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and even Babylon. This website attacks from the Christian point of view without even knowing that even Christianity has its corruptions.

The Prodigal Son - February 12, 2012

What’s bullshit?

Christianity is completely flawed and made up…”

Oh really? Won’t you enlighten us professor?

Who told you that? Let me guess… ‘Acharya S./D.M. Murdock’? Back to the books with you! You’ve succumbed to Communist atheistic propaganda.

This site “attacks”? Does it have a big meal, then lie down and rest afterward too?

Writing down truthful words is not an “attack”.

And what does any of this have to do with Facebook’s mission symbol?

Zuckerberg – is that you?

(Nice avatar BTW… Is that supposed to be a sophisticated troll?)

Christianity has its corruptions.”

This world is corrupted… The Church remains.

8. Chris - June 1, 2012

Facebook, a Jew-owned spy-tool

Facebook doesn’t have a single non-Jew in its highest positions, one of whom is a Rothschild:

Mark Zuckerberg (✡)
Sheryl Sandberg (✡)
Jeff Rothschild (✡)
David Ebersman (✡)
Mike Schroepfer (✡)
Theodore W. Ullyot (✡)
Dustin Moskovitz (✡)

9. The Prodigal Son - June 1, 2012

Facebook doesn’t have a single non-Jew in its highest positions…”

You forgot to mention the co-founder – Eduardo Saverin, a Brazilian Jew who went to Harvard along with Zuckerberg.

Saverin is the one who recently renounced his US citizenship to avoid paying taxes.

10. The Prodigal Son - June 1, 2012

Facebook Stock Plunge Leaves Tax-dodging Saverin WORSE Off…

While taking a break from sipping Cristal Champagne at his home in tax-haven Singapore, Eduardo Saverin – who stumped up $30,000 to get Facebook going when he was Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard – sparked a political firestorm last month when he renounced his American citizenship ahead of the social network’s stock market debut.

The move provoked much vituperation to the point where a senator or two called for him to be banned from the States: it was assumed the change in citizenship was a manoeuvre to avoid paying tax on any gains from his share of the social networking website, a claim Saverin strongly refuted.

However, given the plummeting Facebook share price, Saverin’s renunciation pre-IPO will leave him more out of pocket than if he had waited until after Zuck tumbled down the Nasdaq. For on the day Saverin ditched his citizenship he had to calculate a tax bill for the US government based on everything he owned, and that was higher back then than it would be now.


11. The Prodigal Son - June 2, 2012

Zuckerberg’s Instant Messages

(Originally published in 2010)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his company are suddenly facing a big new round of scrutiny and criticism about their cavalier attitude toward user privacy.

An early instant messenger exchange Mark had with a college friend won’t help put these concerns to rest.

According to SAI sources, the following exchange is between a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and a friend shortly after Mark launched The Facebook in his dorm room:

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don’t know why.

Zuck: They “trust me”

Zuck: Dumb fucks.

From Business Insider

12. The Prodigal Son - June 20, 2012

Facebook purchases Israeli facial recognition company Face.com

Madison Ruppert
Activist Post

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Facebook has purchased the facial recognition startup Face.com, since Facebook has come under fire from European regulators for revealing a massive facial recognition database and been busted for spying on the text messages of smartphone users, showing a complete disregard for privacy.

If you continue to use Facebook in a state of ignorant bliss, hopefully this will help you wake up to the reality of what this internet giant is really up to.

As a Facebook spokesperson put it, this acquisition seems purely logical and perfectly in line with their business model.

“People who use Facebook enjoy sharing photos and memories with their friends, and Face.com’s technology has helped to provide the best photo experience,” said the Facebook spokesperson to VentureBeat. “This transaction simply brings a world-class team and a long-time technology vendor in house.”

It also greatly enhances their facial recognition capabilities which Facebook will also most likely be applying to all photos captured by the other company recently purchased by Facebook: Instagram.

The privacy issues inherent in Faceboook’s move to snatch up Face.com are so blatant and impossible to ignore that even InformationWeek has raised the issue in an article entitled, “Facebook Buys Face.com: At What Privacy Cost?

The actual terms of the deal between Facebook and Face.com have yet to be disclosed to the public but the previous reports released on the subject have placed the purchase price somewhere in the neighborhood of $80-100 million.

The pending deal is expected to come to be closed at some point in the next few weeks.

Face.com, which is a relatively new company founded in and based out of Israel, boasts some of the most cutting-edge consumer facial recognition technology which can not only identify people but also guess the age of a person in the photo.

One of their products is a camera application for iOS (which runs on iPhones and iPads) called KLIK which uses Face.com’s facial recognition technology to automatically tag their Facebook friends in photographs.

Reuters reports that a third-party Facebook application tracking service called AppData has reported that KLIK boasts 40,000 monthly active Facebook users.

“We love building products, and like our friends at Facebook, we think that mobile is a critical part of people’s lives as they both create and consume content, and share content with their social graph,” said Face.com CEO Gil Hirsch.

“By working with Facebook directly, and joining their team, we’ll have more opportunities to build amazing products that will be employed by consumers — that’s all we’ve ever wanted to do,” he added.

Reuters also reports that Facebook has quickly acted in an attempt to improve their image after the somewhat failed public launch by making some well thought out purchases and hires.

Facebook recently purchased Karma, a mobile “gifting” application, as well as iOSdevelopers Pieceable Software and there have also been reports of Facebook investigating acquiring Opera for their mobile browser.

While all of this might sound fine and dandy, I would encourage my readers to consider the privacy implications as well.


13. D.Gar - May 28, 2013

And it is said that Mark is the grandson of Rockefeller !

The Prodigal Son - May 28, 2013

Well, many things are said… That doesn’t make them true though.

Said by who?

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