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Albert Einstein on Antisemitism January 21, 2012

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Jews.
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From the book 'Einstein on Politics: His Private Thoughts and Public Stands on Nationalism, Zionism, War, Peace, and the Bomb' by David E. Rowe, Robert J. Schulmann - Princeton University Press, 2007, Pg. 306.

The formation of groups has an invigorating effect in all spheres of human striving, perhaps mostly due to the struggle between the convictions and aims represented by the different groups.

The Jews too form such a group with a definite character of its own and antisemitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jews by the Jewish group.

This is a normal social reaction. But for the political abuse resulting from it, it might never have been designated by a special name.”

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1. Hierodeacon Augustine - January 26, 2012

But, that’s not right! The only reason non-Jews have to criticize Jews is because they’re secretly evil!!!

I remember, one time, looking for the answer about what happened to those 10 million Khazar converts to Judaism. I mean, 10 or even 20 million people just don’t disappear. The answer was that, “If you are even asking that question you must be some kind of vile antisemite.”

“But, but…I just want to know what happened? Did they die? Did they intermarry with the ethnic Israelites? What?:

“I said, that’s Antisemitism! No more questions!!!” was the reply

The Prodigal Son - January 27, 2012

Yeah, the fact that they are White skinned is a small clue! Seeing as how the Hebrews were originally chosen from the Chaldeans out of Ur (in what is now Iraq).

Ask your detractors why most ‘Jews’ today are essentially White… And throw the term ‘Ashkenazim’ at them, asking if they know what it means.

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