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Palestinian Land Loss 1946-2000 January 30, 2012

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Jews.
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How does a 'defensive' action result in the complete & total conquest of another people's homes & lands? The answer is that it does not. The Jews are the blatant aggressors.

The Jews INVENTED modern terrorism. The maps of the Jewish state in Palestine then and now clearly demonstrate that, plainly. Let him see - who has eyes to see. (Click images to see fullsize)


Also, please see: The Maps Tell the True Story

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1. Daniel Tosh - September 29, 2012

Wow, the Jews invented terrorism? You are terrible and ignorant.

2. The Prodigal Son - September 29, 2012

Did you not even watch the video posted right there?

Ben Gurion himself details how he planted a bomb which killed 91 people.

Who was it that invented modern terrorism then – according to you?

I’m ignorant? More like you’re in denial.

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