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Iranian She-Ninjas – Are You Scared Yet?!? February 9, 2012

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Lies & Propaganda.
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This is not a joke. This is from MSNBC (I messed with the graphics a bit but that was it).

Following President Obama’s declaring the threat of Iran a National Emergency, the ‘mainstream’ media is running reports Iran is training thousand of female ninja assassins.

I really couldn’t believe it, but this must be the most laughable propaganda tactic ever, and you can watch the video below. The headlines coming out of the media right now – “Iran is training thousands of female ninja assassins , diplomats order gas masks as embassies in Israel prepare for Iran strike and the Israeli press runs headlines warning war with Iran in inevitable.

Coincidentally, these reports follow Obama invoking his new NDAA powers to declare the threat from Iran a National Emergency and authorize all government agencies to take any actions necessary to “deal” with the regime.


And here’s the real story… Just a little piece on a local private Ninjutsu school.

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1. Iranian She-Ninjas – Are You Scared Yet?!? « Christ Conquers | TRUST CHRIST OR GO TO HELL! - February 9, 2012

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2. john kaniecki - February 10, 2012

Hope all is well.

I am urging the Nation of Grenada on July 4, 2012 to:

Default on all their World Bank loans- these loans are a mockery of reality. The Europeans came to the ‘new world’ and stole all the lands as they initiated genocide. Then they used brutal slavery to steal all the resources. When these countries gained some semblance of independence the Europeans maintained the economic domination.

If anything Europe owes the oppressed indigenous peoples and the former chattel slaves enormous payments for their blood, sweat and tears. If a person had an ancestor and put a thousand dollars in a bank no matter what amount of time that had passed that descendant would want pay back. The idea the third world owes anything is so absurd that it is a mockery.

Also all resources of the country will be nationalized. As when Maurice Bishop took away the private beaches and opened it up to the citizens of the country a people have the right to own what is in their country for their own benefit.

The people of Grenada who have a nation rich in resources could self sustain themselves. All citizens should be put into the development of agriculture and infrastructure. Of course a good number of people in parasitical positions would need to be reassigned.

I beseech the people of the world to support this brave effort.

This in not occupy Wall Street at all! This is evicting Wall Street!

Long live the revolution!! The dream of Maurice Bishop has not been forgotten, it is alive and well.

I hope following the brave example of Grenada all the English speaking nations of the Caribbean will enact identical methods. The humming bird shall fly higher than the eagle.

These actions are of course legal and more importantly just.

May Allmighty God, the Father of my Lord and Savior Jesus bless us.

John Kaniecki

The Prodigal Son - February 11, 2012

Hello again!

I don’t know about all of that John…

Grenada defaulting on their loans seems reasonable to me. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

These banksters just create money from nothing anyhow.

The rest of your comment is a little off though I think – if you factor in reality.

The Europeans came to the ‘new world’ and stole all the lands as they initiated genocide. Then they used brutal slavery to steal all the resources. When these countries gained some semblance of independence the Europeans maintained the economic domination.

First, there is actually good evidence now that Europeans (Caucasians) were in North America first. So-called ‘Natives’ are essentially Mongoloids/Asians that came to North America via the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska around 12,000 years ago. The correct archaeological term for ‘Indians’ rather than ‘Natives’ is Beringians.

Second, the vast majority (over 90%) of the ‘Indians’ (Beringians) – (as well as a last vestige of Whites known as the Cloud People) died not from a purposeful ‘genocide’ but as a result of their lack of immunity to diseases and sicknesses from the ‘Old World’ which were entirely new to these lands.

As for slavery… well it’s nothing new. It’s all through the Scriptures as I’m sure you know.

Whites were not the only participants in slavery… Even Blacks have have held White slaves!

Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery in Africa, and many (most?) of the slaveships were owned and operated by the Jews:

Jews, Slaveships & Blacks

White people did not invent slavery. But you know what?

White people were the ones to abolish slavery.

Same thing for the “economic domination”. The ‘Europeans’ are likewise economically dominated, and have been for a long time. It is the banksters who are the real power behind the curtain. And many (most) of those banksters were (are) Jewish.

If anything Europe owes the oppressed indigenous peoples and the former chattel slaves enormous payments for their blood, sweat and tears.

That’s not going to happen any more than it already has. The ‘Natives’ in Canada have it pretty good in an economic sense. A poor Indian kid has advantages over a poor White kid in a tangible way.

But your whole premise re: “indigenous peoples” is false anyhow.

The Beringians are not ‘indigenous’ – nor are they ‘aboriginal’.

in·dig·e·nous (n-dj-ns)
1. Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment. See Synonyms at native.
2. Intrinsic; innate.

The ‘Indians’ did not originate here.

aboriginal [ˌæbəˈrɪdʒɪnəl]
existing in a place from the earliest known period; indigenous; autochthonous
aboriginally adv

The earliest known period shows evidence of Europeans & Caucasians – which means that Europeans are the true indigenous peoples of these lands!

Re: Grenada…

There was a group of English who attempted to settle on Grenada in 1609… The ‘natives’ there (who had already killed all of the other ‘natives’ who were there before them) attacked them immediately and killed some of them. The English were forced to abandon the settlement because of the extreme prejudice & violence directed at them.

Yet, I certainly agree that the Blacks now in Grenada (and all peoples everywhere) should now have their own sovereign nations & be free.

The New World Order seeks to dissolve & destroy, divide & conquer the rights & sovereignty of all nations and they must be opposed.

Good to hear from you John. Hope you’re doing well also…

3. The Prodigal Son - March 30, 2012

Iranian She-Ninjas Sue Reuters for Defamation of Character



Reuters claimed last month that Iran has trained more than 3-thousand female ninjas as assassins. It showed a number of Iranian girls training in martial arts in a city near Tehran. The Reuters claim was repeated by some other British media.

The Iranian athletes accused by British media of being assassins say they are suing Reuters. Akbar Faraji who established Ninjutsu in Iran over 22 years ago also condemned the British media accusations, saying his students will pursue the complaint to the end.

The athletes say the Reuters journalist had asked them what they would do if their country came under attack. Reuters used the girl’s patriotic response as an excuse to call them assassins.

The Reuters journalist who conducted the interview left Iran after a court case was opened. Now the martial arts students say they are determined to defend their rights and bring those who have defamed them to justice.

Whether this is about a young reporter who was simply trying to establish a name by filing a controversial report or about one of the world’s most reliable news sources that is now weary of being malicious at times, these female athletes have been depicted as something they are not and they are filling a lawsuit for defamation.

From FederalJack

4. The Prodigal Son - September 30, 2012

Tehran court finds Reuters guilty over defamation of character

by Aletho News
Press TV – September 30, 2012

A court in Tehran finds London-based Reuters news agency guilty over a report describing a group of female Iranian martial artists as “assassins,” Press TV reports.

A jury member at a Tehran penal court told Press TV on Sunday that the news agency was found guilty of propagating against the Islamic Republic and disseminating false information to disturb public opinion.

The court is supposed to issue its ruling in October. Reuters can appeal the verdict.

Reuters appeared in a court hearing in Tehran on Sunday after young Iranian girls training in Ninjutsu filed defamation charges against Reuters in February for describing them as killers-for-hire.

Reuters showed a number of Iranian girls training in martial arts in a city near Tehran, claiming Iran was training more than 3,000 female ninjas to kill any possible foreign invaders. The distorted Reuters report was picked up by other British media outlets.

The news agency also accused the Iranian government of training assassins.

The martial artists filed a lawsuit against Reuters shortly after the report became viral on the Internet.

The Iranian girls, accused by Reuters of being assassins, say the damage has already been done and they are now taking legal action against the agency for defamation of character.

Following the strong reaction of Iranian media to the report, Reuters made changes to parts of the report after a long delay. It refused to apologize for slander.


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