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Gordon Duff Admits that he is Indeed a Jewish Disinformation Agent November 11, 2012

Posted by The Prodigal Son in 9/11, Jews, Lies & Propaganda, New World Order.
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Gordon Duff in his own words:

“… About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is (at least) purposely, partially false because if I didn’t write false information – I wouldn’t be alive.”

The above is comprised of excerpts from Mike Harris’ Oct 12/2012 radio show called ‘Short End of the Stick’… His guest for the entire show is Gordon Duff of the website Veterans Today. Gordon Duff is easily one of the rudest people I’ve ever heard speak.

If I had been Harris – I would have tossed him for his constant interruptions and for talking over not only the host but also guest callers as well.

Here is the full show for your listening displeasure if you wish to so subject yourself:

Download Audio

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Addendum: Duff went on Kevin Barrett’s show on Nov 9th, and tried to explain this all away…

He claimed that Mike Harris said that the audio clip was spliced/overdubbed and claims he has not even listened to the video.

He also claimed that the source of the video was (wait for it) Dr. Frederic Toben! At the end of the segment with Duff, Barrett says that the video was a splice job by Mossad!


I have communicated with the guy who actually made the original video (the one that inspired the video above, which Harris had removed from YouTube for copyright infringement) and needless to say – he is certainly not Frederic Toben or Mossad!

Listen to Duff piling on the BS ever higher here (he comes in for the second hour) :

Download Audio

From here: ‘Truth Jihad Radio’ 2012 Archive

Also see: Gordon Duff… A Jewish Disinformation Agent?

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1. KathJuliane - November 11, 2012

O M G! ROTFLFO! Not shocked, not all that surprised.

Then he says he, ‘the self-hating Jew,’ has to write 40% BS or else they’d kill him. Oh puleez.

The Prodigal Son - November 12, 2012

Yeah, no doubt eh?

Like he couldn’t just STOP WRITING?

“Oy vey! They held a gun to my head and forced me to be the ‘senior editor’ of Veterans Today!”

2. 1776blues - December 2, 2012

He also said on the same program that, “Negros and Jews were the most intelligent people on the planet and that they were the only hope to stop WWIII.”

The Prodigal Son - December 2, 2012

Yet people still defend him!

Now how did I forget to put that little doozie in the video?

3. HOLLYWOOD 9/11 | Gordon Duff IS a Jewish Disinformation Agent - January 10, 2013
4. M - March 21, 2016

what happened to the downloadable files?

The Prodigal Son - June 13, 2016

They probably filed a copyright claim with the webhost to get them taken down I’m guessing…

I just don’t have much free time for this anymore so I don’t know for sure yet.

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