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Balfour’s Promise – Not God’s: Archbishop Theodosios ‘Atallah Hanna’ of Sebastia Speaks to the Occupation of Palestine November 19, 2012

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His Eminence Archbishop Theodosios ‘Atallah Hanna’ – Archbishop of Sebastia, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Of Jerusalem

“I am very sorry to hear about some religious groups in the United States that support the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Such support cannot be justified from a Christian point of view because Christianity is against any sort of occupation and injustice in all its forms and its rationalization.

These groups need to re-read their Bible, because the Bible calls us to stand with the marginalized and the oppressed and not with the oppressors.

For those who use the Bible to support Israel need to differentiate between God’s promise and Balfour’s promise (Balfour Declaration), because the occupation is the result of a promise given to the Israelis by Lord Balfour and not by God.”

Continued at: http://www.intifada-palestine.com/2010/07/exclusive-intifada-interview-with-archbishop-theodosios-atallah-hanna/

“The Orthodox Church as all churches in the Holy Land refuses to give excuses from the Bible for the unjust treatment of the Palestinian people.”

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1. barbara cosden - May 31, 2013

Read your scriptures..God promise Israel to the Hebrew people forever…The Romans changed the name of Israel to Palestine as an insult to the Jews…God didn’t change the name…The Romans did..Palestine is just another name for Phillstines..they are still fighting..Look it up in Strong’s Concordance….
Yes I am a Christian…Read your history…not rewritten History…check your footnotes…God Bless …Also read the scripture..all believers in Yeshua/ Jesus are grafted in…so we are all spiritual Jews…simple because we have Jesus/Yeshua living in our hearts…

The Prodigal Son - May 31, 2013

Covenants are not unconditional…

The Romans did not change the name.

You’re contradicting yourself…. If Palestine was named so by the Romans when was that?

Palestine is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible as well… before Romans were even in Palestine.

RE: “We are all spiritual Jews”…

‘Jews’ is a madeup word. There were only ‘Judeans’ and ‘Judahites’. There were no ‘Jews’. Judahite was not synonymous with Judean and neither of them was synonymous with ‘Israel’ or ‘Hebrew’ either. There were Judeans during Christ’s incarnation as the Son of Man who were not Judahites; who were not Israelites.

According to the Greek geographer Strabo many of the Judeans in those days were racially of Edomite (Idumean) descent, even the Kings Herod. See ‘Herodians’ in the New Testament writings.

Modern so-called ‘Jews’ are neither Judean nor actually of Judah. They simply follow after the religious cult of the Judean Pharisees who killed Christ.

Saying that makes them ‘Jews’ however is like saying a Chinese person who converts to and practices Islam somehow will become an Arab with roots in Mecca.

It’s ridiculous really.

2. Someone - May 3, 2014

@barbara cosden
The Bible means the Christians when talking about Isreal. St. Paul himself wrote about this. Abraham’s descendants are the Christians, NOT the Jews. That’s why God says that they will be MANY nations and people in number. How many are the Jews?
Israel and Jerusalem belongs to Christians. And God has gathered ALL Christian denominations there, around His resurrection site.

The jews, not only have NOTHING to do with the Old Testament (or the Torah if you prefer), but they are TOTALLY against it. There is not one jew that is not breaking all of the 10 commandments every day. Think about it : Do they lie? Do they kill? Do they dishonor their fathers and ancestors? Do they worship other Gods? Do they love their God? Do they steal? Do they promote fornication and sexual perversion? It is ridiculous to even think that God has any relation with these people, let alone a Testament with them… The only reason they still exist, is because the anti-Christ should come into the world and they are the filthy origin of his existence.
Their importance and value was gone by the time the Messiah came into the world, exactly and in every detail as prophesized in their holy books, and they refused Him. God does not need the Israelites or the Jews (I doubt these two are the same either…) nor any other nation for that matter. In the place of the nation of Israel, many nations came forth to play the role of a nation of priests.
The Jews not only didn’t promote their dead Old Testament religion (that has no valid priesthood, no meaning and no miracles of any kind) to rest of the world, but promoted every filth one could imagine instead…

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