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Holocaust™ ‘Survivor’ Claims Germans Fed Inmates ‘Human Soup’ In Concentration Camp February 16, 2013

Posted by The Prodigal Son in Jews, Lies & Propaganda.
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Now we're cooking!

Now we’re cooking!

“Today I have a highly importantly educational and informative role to play,” he says. “It’s important for me that Austrian youths realize, despite the denials, that Austria joined forces with the Nazi regime.”

“I travel with this movie worldwide, but my return to Mauthausen is an immense achievement,” he says. “This camp was the head of the snake, it was among the most terrible camps.

The living conditions there were extremely difficult and the Germans used to prepare soups cooked with human flesh for the prisoners. I was only a kid, but this is a sight I will never forget.”

From ynet


What’s IN this soup anyway?

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1. KathJuliane - February 16, 2013


From a Jew’s lips, it has to be true, right?

Ah, yes. But the real question is, was the soup kosher?

2. The Prodigal Son - February 17, 2013

Any soup which contains Jew in it automatically becomes ‘holy’ of course.

3. Evez - February 18, 2013

OMG the Hitler picture is hilarious!!!!! :)

4. christiantraditionalist83 - March 13, 2013

They are really getting plumb ridiculous with all their “mea culpa” charades!

5. jenniferlovecraft - August 23, 2014

Your “humorous” comments are disgusting and disgraceful. People of God, right?

6. Shan - September 2, 2014

You people are horrifically disgusting and should be sorry to say that it is your religion that brought on such a terrible mass murder of innocent people. Hail Jesus.

7. JS - September 10, 2014

There’s no way that that “survivor” is telling the truth. Sounds like sensationalism to me.

8. Jack McIntosh - September 11, 2014

What a joke, get some respect

9. k0nsl - October 5, 2014

A jew said it so it must be true!

10. Kadie - March 16, 2015

You guys deserve to be in their place how dare you make fun of this situation

11. Emily Kimmons - April 8, 2015

You are fucking sick for joking around about such matters. These people were brutally murdered and abused and you fucks giggle about it? It isn’t funny by any means, and you people sicken me.

12. bransen garibond - May 7, 2015

seriously people why are you joking about this it is a very serious topic

13. Moana - June 8, 2015

That is horrible! How can you be laughing?

The Prodigal Son - June 26, 2015

Because it’s a bunch of bullshit obviously.

The Prodigal Son - June 26, 2015

Get a grip…

The Prodigal Son - June 26, 2015

You’ve been lied to Emily.

I ridicule the lies because they are ridiculous.

The Prodigal Son - June 26, 2015

“This situation” has been grossly exaggerated.

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