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Attention Anti-Zionists September 8, 2013

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Jews Against Zionism, Naturei Karta et al. are still anti-Christ Talmudists.





Old Testament VS New Testament – A Different God? October 16, 2012

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Patriarchs of the Church Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I happened upon a blog posting by someone calling themselves ‘Video Rebel’ (Lol) and ‘Horse 237’ a couple of days ago… The title of the post was ‘They Dance To Daijal’s (Anti-Christ’s) Tune’ (HERE).

I had been on his site a few times before, and had made comments without issue. Commenting on his latest offering  (and on the comments made there by others) though has turned out to be an exercise in futility. When others replied to my initial comment two of my subsequent comments were ‘disappeared’ for what seems to me to be no good reason.

Whatever. It’s his site and obviously he’s free to delete whatever he wants to delete. But it all seemed very arbitrary to me because the similar comments and replies made by others were (and have since been) allowed to stand. He says I was off topic or whatever… but the others were (and still are) discussing the same things that I was so I’m a little bewildered as to why my comments were disallowed.

It seems ‘Horse’ is confused (or overly paranoid) because he has also accused me of posting under a different name and conversing with myself (which is ridiculous and easily disproved by a look at our respective IP addresses). Needless to say I was not conversing with myself.

Anyhow, I put a bit of time and effort into my responses, and if there’s anything I hate – it’s wasting my time! So I guess I’ll just post them here. I notice I’m getting hits from the Video Rebel’s page… Maybe we can converse freely here. Folks can rest assured that I at least won’t just delete things here!


Where Do the ‘Seven Noahide Laws’ Come From Anyway? May 26, 2011

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There is a strange movement afoot that is trapping the gullible into a false worship. It seems that there are increasing numbers of ‘seekers’ and disillusioned Protestants that are getting sucked into this pseudo-religious cult.

These overtly ‘Jewish’ organizations encourage all non-Jews to adhere to the so-called ‘Seven Noahide Laws’… Here is just one of many such organizations:

Noahide Nations

Some people may think that one can be a Christian – while at the same time being a Noahide… but they are mistaken. Digging around a bit on the above site, I found the following:

Noahide Nations Lobbies Federal Govt. for Noahides

This notice will provide information and a response regarding an issue that has been brought to the attention of Noahide Nations by way of a public platform. Noahide Nations and others have been falsely accused, publicly, as being “Xtian Orgs Posing as Noahides”.  These false accusations were started by Frances Marakova of Rachav’s B’nai Noah web site and Yahoo Group along with Pam Rogers and Nancy January of the Oklahoma B’nai Noach Society.  They were in complete violation of Torah for not contacting me first if they had a complaint and instead went public with their false allegations.  I have provided a great deal of information to many Rabbis in Israel and in the United States that clearly demonstrates the falsehood of their allegations.  Now I wish to share some of this information with you.


Form 1023 is the IRS application submitted by organizations requesting tax exempt recognition from the IRS.  For reasons unknown to us as of this date the IRS internally designated Noahide Nations and other Noahide organizations with an “X20-Christian” code.  They did so without our knowledge or consent.

Certainly anyone who does a cursory examination of the Noahide Nations web site will see that we are no more Christian than a Jewish organization would be Christian. 

We were made aware of this through a flurry of phone calls and emails from distraught Noahide Nations Members who had been deceived into believing that Noahide Nations was really a Christian organization posing as Noahides.  I wish to thank these fine people who acted as true Noahides by contacting us directly and as a result of their concerns we became aware of the issue and can now do something about it.”

Above from HERE

I think that makes it pretty clear that a Noahide is not (and in fact cannot be) a Christian. Noahides are permitted to think of Jesus as a wise Man, as a teacher; a philosopher… but they may not affirm His Divinity. To declare that Jesus is Divine (in other words to declare that He is God Himself; God and Man; the Eternal Logos; the Son of God Who was with God before the foundation of the world) is against the Noahide ‘commandment’ prohibiting idolatry.

To worship Jesus as the Christ is considered idolatry (and is technically punishable by decapitation according to ‘Jewish’ [read: Pharisaic Talmudic] law).

So where do these so called ‘Seven Noahide Laws’ come from anyway? The Noahides will tell you that they come from the Torah. But does that mean that they can be found in our Christian Bibles? The ‘Torah’ is just the Old Testament, most Westerners will tell us… but is that true?

In actuality, what the Judaics refer to as ‘Torah’ (teaching) refers to ‘The Law’ in its entirety… meaning that for ‘Jews’ (excepting the Karaites of which there are only about 50,000 worldwide) – Torah includes both Written Torah (known as the Tanakh; what Christians refer to as the Old Testament) and Oral Torah (known collectively as Talmud). The following demonstrates the true Talmudic origins of the so-called ‘Seven Noahide Laws’.